Blockchain technology a new emerging silver lining for advanced backup solutions

by Qais Noori digital marketer

Your files are important. For some essential files you need to verify that they are authentic and unchanged since they were first backed up. Authenticity is key for many personal and business reasons. Blockchain allows you to have record of your backed up files. People are now including blockchain technology along with cloud storage solutions so that they can have cloud storage in a smarter way.

Understanding the working of Blockchain?

Blockchain is a network of computers that police's itself so people or businesses can cooperate without fear that somebody is tampering with the data. Today most data is sealed up at a central organization. Blockchain moves that information to a decentralized shared network of computers maybe even thousands of them to create an open transparent and mutable database. The data could include everything from sales transactions to medical records. It's called a blockchain because computers periodically collect transactions into groups called blocks. Each block gets a digital fingerprint called a hash and each new block’s hash is cryptographically linked to the previous blocks hash. Basically forming an unbreakable chain, any tampering with the transaction is easily detected and rejected because it messes up the hash not only of the block that's in but also every other block added afterward. If a tampered block is on your computer the rest of the blockchain network just ignores it in the future.

Use Case:

For instance there may be a blockchain network for concert ticket sales. You want to buy a ticket from a stranger somebody you might not trust in the real world. The blockchain takes care of confirming that the original owner is legitimate hasn't sold the ticket already and that you're the new owner.

Characteristics of Blockchain:

Many companies are investing in blockchain and many more are investigating and testing blockchain. Block chain has following charactistics:


 It is distributed, it is not stored on any one computer owned by somebody, and instead it is stored on many computers across the world.


The database is constantly synchronized to keep the transactions up to date.


It is secured by the art of cryptography. It makes it hacker proof.

Now the characteristics of the blockchain technology distributed network and hence less vulnerable to hacking. All sections are irreversible which creates an audit trail. Requires confirmation by the majority hence secure programmable transactions when all the data is publicly available. Cloud backup with blockchain technology allows you to verify that your data is unchanged from when it was first stored. When you backup files the program generates a unique fingerprint for each file. Each documents unique fingerprint is securely stored across distributed databases to ensure that there is no single place that it can be altered. Each document has issued a certificate with this fingerprint information. Backup single documents or whole folders of important information and get a certificate for each document. One day one month or years later you can determine if a document is authentic and unchanged since it was backed up. Ensure that your backup files are authentic and unchanged.


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