Bioavailability Affects Daily Dosing of CBD Flower

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“Bioavailability affects daily dosing of CBD flower in regard to which product you use and when to dose and the frequency.”


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  • The Guts of Bioavailability

  • Inhaled, Smoked, Vaped

  • Types of Dosing

  • The Bottom Line

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Bioavailability Affects Daily Dosing of CBD Flower – The Guts of Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the proportion of a substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body along with the potency of that substance.  There are two ways to improve the bioavailability rate.


  • To consume CBD sublingually it enters the metabolic system via the sublingual gland under the tongue when using oil, tincture, spray or lozenge so that it can impact the body more quickly and effectively.

  • To eat it with foods that enhance bioavailability such as fatty acids taken with the CBD as they act as binding agents.

Bioavailability Affects Daily Dosing of CBD Flower – Inhaled, Smoked, Vaped

Inhaled CBD -- Inhalation is not only an efficient way to consume CBD but also a delicious way with lovely savors. Inhalation bypasses the digestive tract and liver so that the CBD can be readily absorbed through the thin membranes the lungs air sacs of the lungs. There are several ways to inhale CBD however, even with the high absorption, it can damage the lungs over time.


Smoking -- The most basic inhalation form is smoking. In this case the cigarette of the hemp pre-roll contains unprocessed CBD-rich hemp buds. Smoking has a bioavailability of 31% and be in the system within three minutes. The half-life of smoked CBD averages 31 hours.  The smoking does produce combustion which can irritate and damage the lungs. 

Vaping -- Vaping CBD hemp flower is a preferred delivery method for many and is a less irritating inhalation form. Vaping is done with a vaporizer pen drawing liquid CBD oil held in a cartridge past a heating element. The heating element produces a vapor that you inhale.   

Bioavailability Affects Daily Dosing of CBD Flower – Types of Dosing

Dosing may be the most challenging of things particularly when you first start out as a hemp user. Everyone is so different and so respond differently to various methods of dosing. Besides the bioavailability factor, the various methods of dosing may be better depending on the condition your are wanting to treat. 

CBD hemp products can be taking orally or topically or by pulmonary administration. They each one have a different bioavailability but they each one also have a different impact depending where your pain is. Personally, I use CBD Isolate Roll-On for my joint osteoarthritis and CBD-infused gummies for depression and anxiety. Believe you me, I’ve been through a process to fine tune the dosing issue with my needs.

Then there is dosing which involves about 25 mg of CBD daily in the AM or in the PM. If your condition is severe, dosing once daily may leave a few hours without the benefit of having CBD in your system. If this is the case, you may want to use micro-dosing.

Micro-dosing is spreading the 25 mg of CBD through the day rather than all at once. That means you would take 5 mg 5 times a day spread evenly as your needs require.  If you enjoy smoking or dry vaping, then this not only the fastest method but the most potent.  If you choose CBD-infused gummies, try dissolving them under your tongue so they can be absorbed sublingually. 

The Bottom Line

Be patient if you are new to the hemp community. It takes time to find the dosage that works for you in amount and type. You may find it works best for you to “dual dose” like I do using a topical as well as an oral product.  Always give it at least 7 days to test and see if it will work.


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