Best Shower Grout Color Sealing Services in Atlanta

by Dsapone D. SEO

Repairing and sealing grout in hotel showers had been a laborious task; until D’Sapone revolutionized the restoration industry with the power packed grout sealer-Caponi. This titanium resin sealer is available in 40 varied colors to suit the specific requirements of your project and has proved to be a step-forward in grout color sealing services in Atlanta.


The Issues with Grout:

-          However clean your tile is, if the grout is dirty and stained, it will make the surface look ugly. Grout gets stained due to several factors because of its porous nature which quickly absorbs liquids like oil, dirty mop water and other staining agents. This causes the growth of mold, mildew and stains in showers.

-          These stubborn stains and dirt root deep into the grout and refrain to budge an inch even with the use of chemical loaded cleaners and heavy scrubbing. Chemical cleaners and scrubbing not just fail to fix the stained grout, but also damage the tile’s integrity, which gives a negative impact for hotel guests.

Showers are constantly clad in moisture and humidity. Therefore, the issues of mold and mildew are common problems for most hotels. In order to fix this issue, most contractors apply water based sealers from big box stores as they are cheap and even easy to use. But, little do they realize that these sealers are not suitable for showers as they peel and wither off the grout in a short period of time. Further, they make use of caulk around the bathtub and in the corners that dries up, peels and cracks in dry settings. Whereas, in wet settings like showers, caulk has a tendency of washing out of the joints. This is what permits mold to lurk in the corners and damage all the grout lines.

How D’Sapone restores the grout?

-          We initiate the restoration procedure with tile cleaning by applying Imperia Deep Clean to the entire surface. Imperia is a strong yet eco-friendly tile cleaner from pFOkUS. It cleans, preps and sanitizes the surface by killing the mold on the grout and then soaks deep to knock out the deep-rooted stains.


-          Simply eliminating the stains from grout is not enough and therefore, it is mandatory to seal the grout to avoid future staining. Caponi, an astonishing breakthrough in the grout sealing industry can be applied to grout lines to prevent future staining.

-          Unlike caulking, Caponi neither peels nor gets damaged by chemical cleaners or heavy scrubbing. Caponi is chemical resistant and it will withstand extreme climate changes with efficiency.

-          It is a 2 part pigmented titanium resin grout sealer which perfectly waterproofs the grout in shower. Caponi soaks deep into the surface to prevent the growth of mold and mildew for a long time. D’Sapone artists perform grout sealing with a suitable pigment color to ensure a mesmerizing glimpse for everyone.

D’Sapone specializes in eliminating grout stains, mold and mildew with quality products. We realize the many drawback of re-grouting and therefore strictly avoid it. We fix grout issues with the help of our certified and skilled artists. D’Sapone not only provides services in Atlanta, but also in the following States of Georgia, like Woodstock and Alpharetta.

Contact us at(770)924-4757 for an estimate and to know about our services in detail.


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