Best Blockchain Certifications for Professionals in 2022

by Alicia Adley Blockchain Council

Despite the fact that there are several employment available in the blockchain training course. They must all have a fundamental grasp of blockchain technology. What advantages they may have for private and governmental entities. Because blockchain is still a relatively new concept. Every blockchain training course starts with an overview. Concerning blockchain education and associated ideas and terms.

Some blockchain training course certifications address simply the fundamentals. Others go into further detail about:

  • building

  • implementing, and 

  • securing the blockchain education system components. 

These certificates are intended for developers that need a higher level of technical understanding.

Blockchain is a technology (edX for Business)

Aspects to consider: Two courses are available at the University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley's Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate programme includes the following courses:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are one thing, but blockchain technology is something quite else.

These self-paced courses last three months. The workings of

The basics of blockchain technology are Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector as a whole.

The presentation then digs further into potential businesses. Quorum, Ripple, Tendermint, and Hyperledger are examples of blockchain implementations.

The following topics are covered:

  • real-world Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency applications; 

  • understanding the Ethereum platform; 

  • The future of blockchain and how it will be applied to future economies. Enterprise-level blockchain implementations; how to develop blockchain products; 

  • Comprehensive information on blockchain-related careers and salaries.

Prerequisites: Students should have taken: 

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin

  • Crypto Space

The preceding course in the series. Have similar experience and understanding in this sector.

Expert in Blockchain Certification (Blockchain Council)

Key features: This 10-hour self-paced certification course covers. In-depth discussion of blockchain technology, mining, and security measures. Students provide instances of how blockchain technology may be applied in the real world. Finance, healthcare, insurance, government, and telecommunications are all included. The following subjects are covered:

  • Understanding the blockchain education architecture and ecosystem; 

  • forms of blockchain mining; 

  • blockchain security and privacy, including smart contracts and consensus methods; 

  • blockchain use cases in a variety of industry verticals

Prerequisites: Attendees should be interested in establishing and implementing blockchain-based business solutions. Both the commercial and governmental sectors are affected.

Expert in Blockchain Security Certification (101 Blockchains)

Aspects to consider: This four-week self-paced certification course covers the following topics:

  • present and upcoming dangers

  • threat modeling

  • algorithm security, and 

  • smart contracts to provide a theoretical and practical foundation in blockchain security. 

Because blockchain is still a relatively new concept in most commercial and government sectors. A solid foundation in blockchain security is required. To assure the security of blockchain technologies that have been installed. The following subjects are addressed:

  • Basic blockchain structure; 

  • threat modeling and modeling frameworks; 

  • types of blockchain cryptography, such as public keys and hash functions;

  • blockchain node and network security; 

  • smart contracts and associated vulnerabilities; 

  • putting a blockchain system's security to the test; and 

Prerequisites: For blockchain developers, CIOs, and IT managers; software architects, engineers, and developers; and enterprise and cloud architects. Who want to concentrate more on the security aspects of blockchain technology.

Foundations and Use Cases for Blockchain (ConsenSys Academy and Coursera)

Aspects to consider: This five-week self-paced certification course covers. Blockchain courses and associated blockchain technology on the business side.

  • Including blockchain security fundamentals

  • why businesses use blockchain education in traditional settings

  • use cases for supply chains and asset tracking, as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The following subjects are addressed:

  • The purpose of decentralization in blockchain;

  • hash functions and public-key cryptography; 

  • the anatomy of a block and a blockchain; 

  • consensus mechanisms and trust frameworks; 

  • real-world blockchain use cases; 

  • smart contracts, cryptocurrency tokens, wallets, and marketplaces; 

  • types of blockchain platforms, architectures, and extensions

Prerequisites: For technology managers, developers, and non-developers interested in learning the fundamentals of blockchain.

With Python, learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology (Codecademy)

Aspects to consider: This two-hour self-paced certification course covers the following topics: The fundamentals of blockchain courses, as well as prevalent vocabulary. The components that assure participant security in blockchain training courses. Python may also be used by students to create a blockchain library. To build and tinker with blocks using an interactive simulation. The following subjects are addressed:

  • How blockchain networks work;

  • hashing and cryptography; 

  • building a blockchain platform with Python; 

  • utilizing a hash function with Python; 

  • generating block hashes; 

  • checking blockchain integrity and hacking the chain


Some Python knowledge is beneficial, but it is not necessary for the most of the course.

The bulk of the information in this course does not need any previous knowledge. However, if you are acquainted with Python, you may be able to write a tiny blockchain library in Python. Add the ability to generate hashes, insert blocks, and validate the chain.

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