Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

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Managing your fleet is no easy task. It becomes even more complicated when there is no visibility of the fleet’s activity. This is causing the fleet’s operational costs to increase. Also, there is an increase in the duration of the operation. To prevent this from happening, it is becoming vital for fleet companies to adopt vehicle tracking software

By using vehicle tracking software, the fleet company can overcome many transportation challenges that transportation company owners and drivers face since the GPS tracking software provides real time solutions and updates which helps to bring visibility to the operations.

What is Vehicle Tracking Software?

Vehicle tracking software allows you to track vehicles in real time. Not only this, but it has many other related functions and solutions, like route management and optimization features, which is vital for fleet companies to optimize their route and reduce costs and duration. It even monitors the vehicles while they are on a route.

This tracking helps to monitor fuel monitoring and receive live updates on the fleet’s activities. The system sends out instant notifications and alerts whenever the driver is indulging in non-compliant with the set rules and regulations. There are several other functions and solutions associated with fleet management software.

What is the Benefit of Using Vehicle Tracking Software?

There are multiple benefits to using the vehicle tracking software in your fleet management. It is not only limited to tracking vehicles but offers multiple benefits through its multiple technology-advanced solutions.

Vehicle Maintenance

Having an AI-integrated vehicle tracking software will alert managers whenever the vehicles need maintenance. This will help keep vehicles up to date with their needs, and this helps to reduce unpredicted costs and repairs.

Employee Tracking

GPS tracking software is not only for tracking or monitoring vehicles but also for tracking employees or drivers. Managers receive notifications whenever drivers deviate from the route or indulge in non-compliant activities like rash driving, tailgating, or harsh braking.

Reduced Downtime

Since the system suggests the most efficient route through the route optimization system, it increases productivity by reducing downtime. Since it is essential for consignments to reach their destination on time, it is important to reduce downtime.

Asset Tracking

The software provides access to real-time vehicle tracking, allowing you to track all the assets and equipment. This helps to retrieve them if stolen or ensure their safety.

Instant Alerts

Geofencing is a feature provided by the GPS tracking system which will help send out instant alerts to managers whenever the vehicles enter or exit. Even when the drivers deviate from the assigned route, managers are alerted.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Since the fleet management system allows you to ensure that the consignment will reach the destination or client’s location safely and on time. This helps logistics companies to gain customer satisfaction.

Cost Saving

The system’s solutions aim at cost optimization of the fleet operation. It is done through solutions like fuel monitoring and route optimization, which will help to save costs.

Vehicle and Driver Safety

The vehicle tracking software offers a video telematics solution that uses AI to detect and let managers know when drivers are drunk or drowsy while driving. Even when drivers are driving rashly or accelerating, managers often receive alerts. This allows them to intervene timely, thus preventing accidents.

Improved Vehicle Lifecycle

The managers can guarantee that the vehicles receive proper care and maintenance through predictive maintenance. Also, wear and tear activities get reduced as the managers prevent drivers from driving recklessly. 

Vehicle Utilization

The vehicle tracking software tracks the vehicles and utilizes the information from sensors integrated into the fleet. This will allow managers to utilize their vehicles better. Right from better fuel usage to optimized routes, every aspect of the vehicle and operation gets improved. 

Improve Fleet Operation with TrackoBit

Every fleet manager wants to enjoy a seamless and optimized fleet operation. Not only does it guarantee success and customer satisfaction, but it also helps logistics companies to increase their profits and revenues. There are multiple benefits to using vehicle management software and its solutions. 

TrackoBit is a leading GPS-tracking software that will be perfect for your fleet business if you want to optimize your operation as well as reduce expenses. 

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Source: Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

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