Benefits of a Dishwasher

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If at all there is any downside to a delicious home cooked dinner, it is definitely the daunting task of washing the dishes afterwards.

Washing the dishes has been generally identified as one of the most boring household chores of all time. The time and energy it takes to manually clean dishes by hand, one after the other with soapy water before rinsing them clean under running water is indeed very tiring.

A dishwasher however, is a mechanical device created to automatically clean dishware and cutlery. All you need to do is load dirty dishes into the dishwasher, sit back, relax and watch your machine do the dishes for you.

There are a lot of benefits associated with the dishwashing machine. Below are a few of them.

Time Saving

Washing dishes manually by hand takes a lot of time and energy, especially at nights after having friends over for dinner or after parties. You might end up spending too many hours every week simply washing dishes by hand. However, in a recent publication in a resource guide in the U.S., it was suggested that using a dishwasher helps you save as much as 200hrs of your time in a single year as opposed to washing by hand.


A dishwasher washes dishes by running them through multiple cycles of scalding hot water up to 140° Fahrenheit. This ensures that all the greasy stains and oily smears are efficiently flushed off the dishes. It also aids as a method of disinfecting your dishes from germs and bacteria already forming in the bits of food left stuck on the dishes after eating.


There’s nothing prettier than an orderly, perfectly-neatly arranged kitchen. And one of the factors constantly militating against that status is a sink full of dirty dishes. There are instances when you neither have the energy or time to do your dishes immediately after you are done eating. Like after a late family dinner or after a quick breakfast when you are running late for work.

Having a dishwasher means you could just open the tray and load dirty dishes right into the machine and head out. This means your sink will always be clean and free from the clutter of dirty dishes. You can load almost every kind of dishware into the dishwashing machine. At Spares2you, there is a whole range of dishwasher parts and accessories at affordable prices to ensure you get the best user experience out of your machines, such as the dishwasher basket which serves as a safety net for smaller items like tiny cutlery and bottle cover discs.


Every year, households spend quite a significant amount of money replacing broken or cracked dishware. 90 percent of these cracks and breakages are as a result of doing dishes by hand. Sometimes such cracks and breakages also lead to cuts and injury.

A dishwasher, however, is a safer alternative to manual washing and also helps you save more money by immensely reducing the amount of dishes to be replaced each year.

Apart from all these mentioned above, dishwashers are also environmentally friendly in that they use significantly less water and their detergents have incredibly low phosphate content when compared to regular liquid detergent. Some dishwasher detergents are completely phosphate free.

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