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Nephrotic Syndrome is a collection of symptoms which arise due to the bad health of kidneys. There are several causes of this health problem. The allopathic doctors suggest many medications in order to get rid of this problem but they are not that much effective. While nature has the most ancient treatment system Nephrotic Syndrome Ayurvedic medicine in order to cure this health problem permanently.




Nephrotic Syndrome is basically a group of symptoms which can appear when one or both of your kidneys are not functioning properly. There may be various causes of this health condition. As it is not a disease but a collection of symptoms, therefore, it should be cured using the most proper treatment method in order to not let it develop further. In order to heal this serious health condition, Nephrotic Syndrome Ayurvedic medicine is considered as the best answer. All you have to do is, find a nephrologist who can suggest you the best herbal medications as per your Nephrotic syndrome.  


What are the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome?    


In this health state, several symptoms can be seen in the body of the patient. Let’s take a quick look at the main symptoms which appear:            


Reduced albumin level in blood- the albumin level in the blood reduces as the kidney filters are not capable of filtering and holding the amount of the protein required by our body.


Excess protein excretion through urine- Since kidney filters are damaged, they do not filter the blood properly and the excess protein leaks through urine. In medical terms, the condition is known as ‘Proteinuria’.      


Swelling in ankles, feet, hands, and legs- Due to fluid retention and toxin accumulation in the body, swelling is seen in the lower body parts such as ankles, feet, legs and sometimes in hands as well.       


High cholesterol and fat in blood: Non-functioning of the kidneys alleviates cholesterol and fat level in the blood.    


These are the most common symptoms which appear when a person is affected by nephrotic syndrome. In order to confirm, you have to take several tests which will help you determine whether you have Nephrotic Syndrome or not.


Diagnosis of Nephrotic Syndrome

Several tests can be conducted in order to determine whether a person is affected by Nephrotic Syndrome or not. Usually, a doctor suggests Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan and Kidney biopsy in order to figure out Nephrotic Syndrome.   


What may be the possible causes of Nephrotic Syndrome?  


There may be many reasons for Nephrotic Syndrome and vary from patient to patient. Below are some of the major causes of this kidney disorder:  


Diabetes is one of the most common causes of kidney problems further leads to damage.

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a kind of disease in which scars on the kidney filters appear and obstruct the function of the kidneys.   

Membranous Nephropathy is a health condition in which the membranes of the glomeruli gets thick.

Lupus is a chronic disease affecting the immune system and can cause kidney damage if lasts longer. 

Amyloidosis happens when a person has a buildup of substance namely amyloid proteins in the blood.     


What remedy should be taken?   


Many allopathic doctors prescribe a lot of medications in order to relieve this syndrome. But it is seen that allopathic treatment methods are not the best relevant solution to the problem. Instead of Allopathic medication, Ayurveda has proved that it is not only the most ancient but also the most effective medicinal therapy. It encompasses the knowledge of natural herbs used in the treatment process. The herbs are used in their unrefined form and hence they prove very effective in curing the root causes of the diseases. It works on the root causes so that to eliminate the disease from developing to their higher stages. In addition, this treatment system believes that there is a great impact on our lifestyle and eating habits on our health. This is why it suggests a patient to correct his eating habits as well as lifestyle in order to get relieved from his health problem effectively. It has also Nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic medicine in order to heal this disease completely.   

Karma Ayurveda is a pioneering kidney care center in Delhi offering Ayurvedic treatment for all kinds of kidney disorders. It has been in this service sector for a long time hence has developed insight to cure kidney problems (minor as well as major) effectively. It has succeeded in curing more than 35,000 kidney patients and they are living a normal life. Karma Ayurveda aims to stop kidney dialysis and organ transplant by offering the best medicinal treatment using Ayurveda. In the same phase, it has developed Nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic medicine so that to help a patient relieve this health condition efficiently.

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