Arris Router not Working - Not Connecting to Internet

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Check the lights on the modem. The light on the side of the modem tells you whether the modem is connected to the router and the Internet. If the light on the modem is not lit, the modem is not turned on and you should check the power cable.

Check the power supply and coaxial cables. Check all cables on your modem to make sure there are no loose or frayed connections. If the light on the modem blinks when moving the power cable, it is time to replace the new power adapter. Similarly, if the connecting pins of a coaxial cable (a large, round cable that attaches to a wall) become bent, they must be replaced.

Reboot your router and modem. Refreshing your device can fix temporary technical issues that sometimes inevitably arise. Rebooting the modem also requires rebooting the router.
Connection problems can come from a bandwidth problem that you can easily fix yourself. Make sure you disconnect all your devices from the Internet before uninstalling any potential VPN software.

To build a troubleshooter:
Make sure your modem is connected to your router.
Check if your router is connected to your PC.
Right-click on the Network icon in the bottom right taskbar.
Select "Fix network issues".
Wait for the algorithm to complete.
This algorithm notifies you of the problem and can solve it automatically.

Check the Ethernet cables. An Ethernet cable connects the modem to the router. If you have a backup, turn them off to make sure there are no physical connection issues.

Disconnect all connected devices. If many devices are connected to the network (smart home devices, multiple computers, etc.), the modem may overload. Disconnect all devices, restart the modem, and then reconnect the devices. If the Internet starts but stops at some point, the modem may be turned off, so you should talk to your ISP about the upgrade.

Connect the computer to the modem. If your computer has an Ethernet port, you can connect it directly to the modem. If you can use the Internet, everything is fine with the modem, and the problem is with your device or router.

Keep the modem cool. If the modem continues to be reset, it may overheat. Keep it 6 inches away from other devices and make sure there is no dust in the vents. Do not store near a heater or in a humid environment.
Sometimes the problem is as simple as a loose cable. Unplug the modem and make sure all cables are connected to the correct socket and are tight. You should also check that you have the appropriate cables for your modem to support enough voltage.

Lastly, you need to check for damage to the cables both externally and internally. The wires will age over time and will not work either, so if you have your modem for a few years, you may want to replace the cables. Check that the animals have not damaged the cables.

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