Are Psychics Real? How To Tell Real From Fake

by True Readings True Readings Accurate Tarot Clairvoyant
Many people today still ask the question are psychics real? to me that question goes a few ways with me because there are different factors that are connected to that very one question. First when you ask if psychics are real? you have to also ask yourself, can they really see into your situation and actually provide you with the information needed, so you can actually be helped? are they really there for you or your wallet?

That very question has been asked many of times as well because there are many false psychics online, really in the business to be scam artist. Like what is there problems? these are people's real lives they are playing around with just so they can make a profit. Its sickening and very disrespectful to not only the client but the spirit guides and guardian angels to whom provide real readers the gift of seeing so they can actually help people with real problems. Whether it be through tunnel vision or cards even medium-ship. however the gift is, as long as that reader knows what they are doing and talking about you can stand a greater chance of getting a better reading through these kind of people.

You may be thinking, well where do i find those kind of people? There are many ways to find legit psychics online who are really out there helping people and guiding them properly. before we get there let's go into more details of how you can spot a real psychic/tarot reader online versus a fakes.

1). How to spot a practicing / new psychics who may not have all the skills yet and by you getting a reading from them you put your self at risk of being told false information instead of real information that could have really helped you. - These kind of psychics can be found on different social media platforms doing FREE readings. - While there is nothing wrong with giving free readings, some people out tend to take advantage of that offer and tend to go overboard and they become over bearing and then eventually fall into the stage of expecting a free reading from you all the time.

While doing this method for a while, it may increase your online presence as a reader but it does put you at risk if you ever wanted to make this your career. Please be smart when it comes to your business if this is really what you want to do, it is not to be took for a game like those people who do it for free and say the real psychics are wrong for charging. It's hypocrisy and very judgemental to say because then you have to ask yourself? why are they doing it? because they love to help people?

In some cases for the real psychic readers yes, they love to help and yes they like to be compensated for their time. For the fakes Noooo they are not in it for the people, they are solely in it for the money. They get their name and followers up and once their numbers get high they start charging people for something they said the real psychics shouldn't be charging people for and most of all they know nothing about what they are doing, so please.

My opinion is that everybody has bills to pay and it would be smart to profit off of the gifts they do have so they can be able to at least make a living for themselves'. Not everybody has the same lifestyles, some people don't want to be or can't be doctors or lawyers. Some people want to drive buses or even work at a grocery store and become manager one day, out there in the world there are people in places fighting for positions other people would be like in. Some people have the mindset where they think, oh i don't want to do that or say they have no experience in that, they can do it.

Heyy some may say they can't do it because the place does drug test, who knows but all i'm saying is that for the very judgemental people out there is that you can't just sit back and judge what someone wants to do for a living or for better yet a career.  Everybody is made for something, if there were no tarot readers people like wouldn't be so happy to dodging bad situations.There are just some things that people were built for to do and handle.

Everyone has something they are very good at and have a nach for, the only way you would know is if you have the experience yourself to be able to see, right? you got some people out there making judgement calls about people whom they never even got services from. There are mean people out there who would make false claims of a real psychic readers just to have something bad to say and they either never got a reading from them in the first place or they got a reading and didn't like the bad news they received. Believe it or not but there are some folk out there who hate getting the truth but tend to ask or even beg someone to tell them, but any who.

2). Spotting a fake psychic - They regurgitate information you tell them, a real reader doesn't need you to say anything but your name and b-day, plus it helps that you not give them your whole life's story when you do call them. Your seeking them out to help you, let them.

A fake psychic will read the cards wrong, they tell you what you want to hear and not what they see because they either don't know how to read their own cards or they have none at all, in turn just making things up as they go along. If you hear happy things all the time and they keep saying something great is happening like a new man/woman, money is coming into your life but in time you still see no results. (Fake)

If they can't provide you with real timelines or predictions (Fake) If they ask for more money or offer you other services they so called have, like spells and stuff, chances are they are (Fake). If their readings are not accurate, nothing else they offer you would be either. If their start price for a reading is sky-high and the reading was wrong, chances are they are (Fake). If they string you along while managing to still take your money (fake) If you have to keep asking them when are things going to turn around for you and things keep seeming to get worse, then you are probably talking to a fake psychic.

Real psychic readers know when things will pan out for you because they would be able to see it for you and further more should basically be guiding you through the rough times that you are experiencing. They should be helping you by providing all information shown to them giving you the information to evaluate where you can see as well.

Real psychics will automatically tell you how and why things are going wrong and what kinds of things you can do to prevent things from happening or just to simply wait for or to keep working at good things to come. Most things may be because bad people are on the other end wanting to see you fail. If a reader cannot see these things and be able to simply guide you through, than there is really no reason you should even still be talking to that person. In my Opinion.

3). How To Spot A Real Psychic:  Simple, By simply observing and seeing that the real psychics are the total opposite of the fake ones explained above and they do charge. Some of them are a little to costly and some of them are really not but they are real and do give great information on your life and what they actually see and not what those fakes want you to see and you can find them all in the online psychic world.

It's important to read reviews because other people either had the same experience as you or your thinking about talking to a psychic for the first time and you want to make sure you're not wasting your time or your money. That's understandable, is why i have done some research myself and have i have tested many Facebook psychics, to the ones on the higher platforms specifically for psychic. I have tried the individually owned independent online psychics who choose to run their own platforms because of money sucking psychic sites who are not in it for the psychics or clients.

In my opinion, those bigger platform psychic sites have way to many fake psychics that will tell you just about anything you want to hear. Some were ok and kind of trustworthy but none gave me that OMG! reaction. I have found that the individually owned websites are better psychics.

Maybe it's because it's their own businesses they run and if they went through that much trouble to even make a presence for themselves online on google and have good reviews then why not give them a chance over the ones who can just create a fake profile page and say whatever on their profile and their only reviews if they have any, can only be found and based on that one website and not on google.

I find that to be a real pet peeve of mines, if I cannot google them, then it's not worth my time. I gotta see some facts first before proceeding. So yeah I would rather go through an independent psychic , rather than getting a reading from someone unknown on those sites who have no presence on google and who are not real.

My Conclusion: Are Psychics Real?  Yes, and let me tell you why i think so, I think this way because i found me a great independent psychic who knows she has a gift and gives real information. There are many out there claiming to see but can't, there are some who can see but they need more practice and there some who actually have their gifts down-pat and really do help people.

I summed them all up this way to even be able to make that analogy based on my experiences alone. Out of the top 5 i would like to present, i would be still be on the fence about four of them. Whom came close in their readings but are not quite there yet and i don't want to put them on blast or anything because I feel you may get slightly misguided by them and the way of their individual styles they have and the information may not be as clear as my top reader that I would like to say a few words about who read clearly and puts things into perspective.

Not to get me wrong the others are good but not amazing, like this one reader i stumbled up during my search for an online reader who has all the goods. I did my research on her because of the good things I was reading about her online, so in fashion I had to give her a try. In my opinion when I first saw on her site she claims to be 100% highly accurate, I was already thinking to myself, well some people think that if someone claims to be this exact they might be fake, right?

Other than that I thought the website was made really nicely, the payment system was set up good as well. The payment process was very safe and  through PayPal. I felt good about that because I also have PayPal, a top online payment processor and which I like most do trust, so that was a plus for me. The website looked fun and welcoming, good prices and everything.

I paid $25 for the 25 minute reading to start with, when I paid I received an email welcoming me and thanking me for my purchase letting me know that I can call at my convenience or have her to call me. I liked that she gives that option because I am very busy in my weekdays. Plus I like the fact that I can pay in advance for my readings and schedule for a later date if I have to.

For example, I could pay for my reading now and come back a month later for it and she would provide me the reading that I had scheduled a month ago just because I paid in advance for it. Also she would have it on file and have to provide it regardless and because she states that she will as long as she can verify it. It's like her motto and also because it says so in her TOS.

I liked that option as well, it's very laid back because when i do get readings, i like to make sure i don't have anything to do so i can totally grasp the information and because i want to know how my weeks are going to turn out by staying up to date like every weekend with her. I know she is a current reader and basically the only one i could find who has mostly everything i was looking for within a REAL READER. She is very current and up to date which i like to start with, very efficient.

She reads with reversals, which I love because it really does help out with bad situations that I face. She could see the kind of people im dealing with good or bad, family, lover and associates. she saw the intentions from others about me, good and bad. She saw my financial life, my job and my actual business, she picked up very quickly after her shuffles and she didn't even charge me for the time that she shuffled in the beginning.

She had also let me know that at the beginning of the reading as well, just to make sure I was sure. now for personality points. She was kind when she answered and introduced herself as soon as she answered the phone, which was good because it clarified that I had the right number. Okay! so that was all good in my book. She already had my name from when I paid so all she asked me for was my birth date and my questions and she took it from there.

I felt like, literally I felt it, ya know that feeling ya get when you really know a person is a good and a real genuine person and you get this feeling where you know you're in good hands? That's how I felt because she didn't ask for anything else and she wouldn't allow me to ramble about my situation. She guided me to just listening, it felt good listening to my life from another persons point of view on what was actually shown for my life.

She let me base the reading off the information she was giving and not on anything else, I didn't say anything about my life and I was glad I didn't because when she was reading me I could tell she really connected. From what she had seen and was letting me know, when she was viewing the cards, card for card better clarifying things for me.

From that simple fact alone, for her never asking me anything or fishing, I give her 2 thumbs up because I was looking for mistakes. Keep in mind im not only a scout for real online psychics but I partake for my own personal to make sure people are who they say they really are. That's why I'm glad to announce to you all a very special, very gifted, very spiritual and REAL reader in my opinion, True Readings. (Yes the name really fits).

True Readings was straightforward even when she had to give me bad news, I appreciated the honesty that she gave me. Some people, like I was don't like hearing bad news but we sure don't like being told good things are happening when knowing things are not. That's why I handpicked True Readings out of the bunch because she keeps it real. Although she knows things may be hard for us to hear, she shows compassion and still provides the truth of what she sees is the main key fact.

Not to mention in making sure if she was truly on point, I had to get more than just one reading from her. She was so on point the first time when I started, that I had to make sure it was consistent and not beginners luck or something. So for the past four months from november of last year, I have been getting my readings from the online psychic tarot reader, True Readings and still is.

The navigation was the main thing I liked, among other things because when I was going through real life situations in the months of december and january and really needed to see if she could really guide me through the real tough times I realized from my own experience, she did just that. She helped me to see my situations from a whole different way than what i was only seeing before by connecting well with my life, seeing my situations and providing the truth to me.

The information I got was a little bittersweet but nonetheless refreshing to hear, at least I got the accuracy I was looking for. She was amazing to say the least, I really appreciated her rawness when she was viewing my cards, it was like talking to a family member. True Readings knew my life and kept it 100% with me, so yes, I agree when she says she is 100% accurate because her readings are on point plus she gives very good insight behind her readings.

When she told me about my career and love life at the beginning I was in total shock because what she said truly did come out. So yeah, I would say the current predictions are very real and do come true, we when she reads anyways. Ya know, it's very hard to find readers like this, from my experiences. Readers like her are very rare to come across because of soo, soo many liars out their.

I'm trying not to include the ones that are just practicing giving out free readings but i guess you can call them liars too because if you really don't know what you're looking at as a card reader then you really would be lying to someone about what you think you see instead of what you actually know you see. I on the other hand  like you, need someone who is real, knows what they are doing and can basically tell you the truth. If your still looking for a reader that fits that description, well then True Readings should be right up your alley.

She can verify your current life and from what I know by experience she can basically pick up on anybody. While she is not a medium and does not claim to be one, her readings would make you think otherwise. What I received was real help, real answers with timelines and predictions. A+.

Also from what I could tell is that she is not new at what she does with over 17 to 18 professional years of experience of her background doing readings online. She also has many reviews on her website and on other very reputable online review sites such consumer affairs and i think Trust pilot and yelp. You can find only a few reviews on True Readings but reputable nonetheless, and at least she does have a presence on google when you search her.

One of the best I've gotten a reading from in a while to say the least, highly recommended in my opinion. Yes there are real psychics online and she is a tarot reader who actually knows what she's doing by providing the goods each and every time. True Readings is a must try in the psychic world, I think she's on her way up and will go far. You have to see what I mean for yourself as my experience was excellent even with the bad news in all.

I believe in a higher power and I believe in the answers the most high provides us through people like True Readings. it's unbelievable what one can see just being clairvoyant and using the mastery of tarot. Overall my main conclusion is that even though there are some bad readers and just plain scammers out there, there are many who are not a scam and do deserve the recognition of being a real psychic tarot readers who are really in it to help people for sure and to get their bills paid. What? they're people too.

If you are like I was, in search of good providers, I know of one very well that I think you will enjoy that is soo top-notch in my eyes that I can highly recommend to you. Once again her name is True Readings and if you would like to check her out the link is in the photo. Thanks everyone who took the time to read my review and I hope it truly helps you in further making your decision with good readers to get readings from that are scam free.

Love & Light.

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