How to identify real psychics?

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

There are plenty of ways you can improve your life and move towards a happier and healthier lifestyle. This includes subscribing to non-traditional means such as consulting a psychic. Simply put, psychics are best known for their extra-sensory intuitions and their ability to tap into means outside the empirical realm. These people are usually more sensitive than the average person, and there’s little to no guesswork that goes on behind the scenes either. Psychics are genuine people who can help you improve your life if you let them. They’re more often than not bound to help other people, without appearing like a scam or a fraud.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams out there that can damage the reputation of the general psychic population. These people are out there only for the money and can be very toxic and false in their predictions. It’s best to avoid such fake psychics at all costs, but it can be difficult to discern the real from the false psychics, especially if it’s your first time.

Here are a few ways to determine a real psychic from a fake one:

They Don’t Ask You About Your Star Signs

A good psychic works on intuition and spirituality, not on voodoo and black magic. The latter is possibly false, while the former is based on an almost scientific basis. These facts can set apart a fake psychic from a real one. Many of these false psychics operate online and ask very personal information, like your birth chart and full name, etc. This is already a red flag in itself. Learn to avoid such schemes immediately.

They Don’t Judge You Based on Your Appearance

Even offline, there are fake psychics. There are plenty of psychics who claim to be real but who just base their predictions off the most obvious aspects of their clients’ lives. This includes the external appearance of their clients, such as their external appearance, their wealth, and the like. A Psychic New York can help you improve your life, but in the area, you’ll need to be careful and vigilant against such personalities.

They Don’t Ask For Your Address

Another way by which fake psychics do their guesswork is by deducing your lifestyle based on where you live. A real psychic won’t usually ask for information such as your address before they perform a reading. They will get straight away to the pertinent facts about your life. They’ll dig deeper first in your more personal issues and circumstances, rather than asking for impersonal information that’s just made to determine how much money they can get off from you. Avoid such psychics by asking them more direct questions. This will help you test the validity of the psychic you are faced with.

They Have a Good Reputation

This is a dead giveaway, but the best way to determine the validity of your psychic is through their reputation. If they’ve been recommended to you by a friend, chances are they’re already good at what they do. This may also be difficult to determine at first, but you can easily gauge the reputation of a psychic by the testimonials people give about them.

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