APSense strategies that are easy to miss and can give you more!

by Brahim A. APSense Adviser for Social Media!
APSense strategies that are easy to miss and can give you more!


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Let's say you're invited to a blender-event-networking-event event (or whatever the trendy kids call today). All the actors in your sector are present. It looks like a situation not to be missed, to look good, to hurt rock. Right? Sure, but chances are it's not a cheap ticket.

However, is not APSense somehow the same (minus the heavy inputs and the expensive ticket)?
If you summarize it, APSense is the digital version of a mixer. Scratch it - this is the digital version of a ginormous mixer with soon millions of professional party-goers.
So, how do you make sure your business makes the most of the challenging period of the century ("Active Professional Sense")?
The first things first ...

 On APSense, members are the power

APSense is built on the back of the individuals that make up the network - and this means that to succeed on APSense, your company's strategy must include the "people".
Think of it this way. If you hug babies and help old ladies cross the street, people will think, "Now this kid is a good egg, from a good family."
The same goes for your business.
If the team is launching bombs of knowledge and demonstrating intelligence and professionalism, it will also benefit society.

The people who make up your business, or at least some of them, can be part of your marketing strategy on APSense.
Without them (and their personal APSense accounts), you can not fully enjoy all that APSense has to offer.
Although employees naturally reserve the right to manage their public presence on APSense, there are many opportunities for collaboration that benefit both the company AND the individual, if the individual is so inclined to:

• Provide a pre-defined description of the canned business that the team can include in their personal profile. (Hey, this removes an extra step for everyone AND gives your brand a consistent face and a valuable accessory.) Win-win.)

• Build an army of lawyers and opinion leaders. Recruit key members of the APSense & Out APSense team, with various skills and expertise, to interact with the APSense community (read on ... we'll dive into key strategies!).

• Encourage the construction of the personal brand. It may seem counter-intuitive for a company (after all, is not it a business issue?). However, people are the best representation of the society they work for. If the characters are in the APSense stratosphere and they are all incredible, the mothership is better for that.

So the success of your business on APSense owes a lot to the individuals who make it up, but you still need a business cluster.

Your website is your real base, but you must also be present in the walled garden of APSense.

 Build a house on APSense
Whether you are a company with hundreds of employees or an independent owner, a company page on Linkdin, facebook or other and an Ezine Space channel can be very useful.
(Now, when we say "precious enough," we do not think it the same way your cousin Eddie talks about "bringing his hot dance moves." We mean really precious.)

 Let's start with the APSense company page.

The advantages are many!

• Prove that you are legitimate (too legitimate to quit): Tell your story, show your success, build your brand, maintain a haunting reputation and showcase this corporate culture in front of a huge community.
• SEO Feed: Unlike personal profiles, your company page is publicly visible, which gives you a great opportunity to feed your SEO with fresh, valuable and keyword-rich content. Well, that means distributing all the quality content you create on APSense
• Build a hub for your company's ambassadors: whether it's the reputation (see our article: APSENSE and e-reputation) of your employees or what other fans congratulate you on and mark you in their status updates, all these good vibrations come back to your business. Give future fans, advocates, and a place to find you on the network. Add your external website / project to your company's Brand Marketing Center page so that the most qualified people can find out more.

Well, let's move on to the Ezine Space channel (another important hub).

This jewel of Slide Hosting Platform is the "sleeping giant" that all content marketers should create. There are over 40 different content categories on Ezine Space, so the competition for your particular niche is relatively small, offering you a relatively simple distribution channel.
It is obvious. With minimal effort, you can even download existing slide presentations in a variety of formats.
Consider taking valuable existing content and repackaging it as a presentation to attract new audiences who prefer this visual format.
(Have you published articles on your blog?) Follow these tips to repackage them in different formats that will earn you even more audience!)
In addition, 80% of Ezine Space traffic comes from search engines. If that does not annoy you, we do not know what will happen!
Now fasten your seatbelts! It's time for the fun part ...
.................. (next part)

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Taru T. Senior   Internet Marketer
Awesomely written content. Very well versed and organized.
Mar 31st 2019 18:04   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II Pro   Better World Partisan
If You don't mind, Brahim, a humble suggestion: " target='_blank' " attribute in links could be an improvement, unless Your intention is to make the visitor leave this page. ;-)
Apr 1st 2019 02:59   
Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
please explain what you mean ! thanks freind!
Apr 1st 2019 03:20   
Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
do you mean links at the end? its my profile
Apr 1st 2019 03:21   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II Pro   Better World Partisan
Yup, in the list of links. By making them open in new window/tab, the reader of this article would stay here [ even to check out your next link in a new window/tab eventually ;-) ].
Apr 1st 2019 03:37   
Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
do you want me delete them?
Apr 1st 2019 03:39   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II Pro   Better World Partisan
:-o Of course not. LOL
Apr 1st 2019 03:48   
Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
I deleted the links ! and what is your opinion about this article? enrich it with your idees. I am working on the second part . It will be ready in two or three days!
I am seeking reactions from readers!
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