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About Taru

Love to rescue cats and presently taking care of 8 cats. Mother of two wonderful grown children. Have a caring and loving husband who happily shares in all my cat rescuing tasks.

Living in Toronto is not easy, everything is very expensive and to top it all up having two university going children. But I am happy that my children are very good and have never been in any kind of trouble. Just the fact that I have a loving and caring family keeps me satisfied and smiling.

I like to investigate honest work from home websites and share them with my friends who are looking to work from home. I have a website of my own where I post the links of these websites, it's my way of thanking them for being honest and not scamming the people who are trying hard to make ends meet.

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  • trieusunghop
  • All Time News
  • Bonusprint
  • Holidaymood
  • Pune Property
  • BlockBuzz

Recommendations for Taru

Shailesh Tripathi Magnate II  
Thank you Taru for being a friend on Apsense. I wish you a nice career.

Recommendation on Experiences: Owner/Operator, Nipun's Enterprise
Theo M. Committed
For her love and taking care for cats, her investigative work for honest work from home business websites and her willing to share them with friends. Great website of her own where she post the links of these websites.

Recommendation on Experiences: Owner/Operator, Nipun's Enterprise
Amit K. Tycoon I  
I would like to recommend Taru.. Also wish her very best of luck..

Recommendation on Experiences: One Year Gold Upgraded Member, CashnHits

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