Applications of Water-Soluble Thread

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Certain products need to be temporarily stitched to create designs or forms. In these instances, manufacturers need a reliable and efficient method. Rather than using pins or regular sewing threads, they opt for water-soluble thread. This unique type of thread is designed to disappear when it's either sprayed with or soaked in warm water. This means after the product is shaped and secured, the temporary stitching can easily be removed by applying warm water, which saves manufacturers time and effort.


Water-soluble threads like Coats Aquamelt are 100% water-soluble, making them ideal for many applications, including temporary stitching in woven garments, knitwear, footwear, and denim. Made with staple-spun PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), the thread can replace traditional tacking and basting methods in apparel manufacturing. Plus, it is versatile enough for the accessories and footwear industries.


A must for creating high-quality garments, footwear, and accessories


A water-soluble thread like Coats Aquamelt is ideal for temporary stitching due to its unique property of dissolving in water. With this, you can create temporary stitches without worrying about leaving any stains or residues after washing. This feature allows your production line to work more efficiently because the thread simply disappears in water, eliminating the need to manually cut and remove it.

Conventional threads used for temporary stitches can pose a risk of fabric damage during the thread removal process. However, with water-soluble threads like Coats Aquamelt, this concern is non-existent. You are assured cleaner seams with no untrimmed or loose threads, making the final product more appealing and professional.


More uses for water-soluble threads


Water-soluble threads have plenty of applications in manufacturing garments like shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, and ladies’ tops. Here are some of the most common ways to use it:


·     Pleat formation

·     Basting waistband

·     Manual and machine-applied applique

·     Gathering stitches for armholes and necklines

·     Bias cut patterns

·     Line matching stitches

·     Difficult fabric matching


In accessories and footwear, the thread can provide temporary gathering stitches. Plus, it suits Strobel machines for making seams and temporary gathering stitches in accessories and footwear.


Environmentally friendly


Water-soluble thread can be environmentally friendly, too! It’s more cost-effective than using plastic hang tags for retail applications. Businesses that are trying to go green can reduce their environmental impact by using these threads for tagging their products.


Start using water-soluble threads now!


Try Coats Aquamelt, and see how this water-soluble thread can benefit your sewing line and business. Contact Coats for a quote!


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Coats offers different types of thread, and learning which one works best for different sewing tasks is crucial. Brush up your wardrobe with Coats thread, which is the most fashionable, durable, and affordable thread on the market. They provide some of the best sewing threads in the world, including premium polyester and fibre optics yarns. Many leading brands use Coats threads. Moreover, Coats is an expert in designing and supplying a diverse range of technical products to the Performance Materials sector, which serves various strategic end-use markets.

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