Antivirus V/S Anti-malware: Which One You Choose?

by Alice Gross Technician

The first half of the year 2017 was full of cyber outbreaks, therefore, to stay protected there is a huge need of a right cyber security solution. When we talk about today’s scenarios, malware attacks are on the rise, there are thousands of companies across the world faced the same outbreak.

Therefore, to avoid such mishaps there is a huge need of effective cybersecurity software that can keep our network secure from existing and upcoming threats.

According to McAfee Labs threat report, cybercriminals are now become more skilled and organized with their tactics; they can easily exploit the flaws of outdated operating systems. Also, a recent study proved that count of cyber attacks has been on the rise from some last years.

In addition, according to recent findings ransomware attacks almost got double in the first half of 2017 when compared with the cyber incidents in the year 2016.

A successful malware attack not just impacts the crucial data of any business but it also impacts it financially. However, installation of right security software is the only finest way to tackle such cyber attacks. To know more on cyber protection consult with technician at McAfee Antivirus contact number UK.

When it comes to choosing an effective solution many people get usually confused between “Antivirus tool” and “Anti-malware” security tool. Through this article, we are trying to differentiate between them by showing their Pros and Cons. Before we start a comparison between antivirus and anti-malware software, let's check out the difference between a computer virus and malware:


Computer Virus

It is a piece of program that infects the system by replicating itself and harms the entire system. It spread in the system from internet, malicious download, infected emails and document.



Malware includes worm, Trojan, ransomware, adware, and viruses. Malware always has malicious intent such as it damages, disrupts or gain unauthorized access to a computer. It means the virus is a malware but malware is not always a virus.


Now we will compare antivirus software with an antimalware tool:


People consider antivirus as a synonym of antimalware but it is very important to identify a difference between them. More than that, a virus is a very generic term but malware is a very specific term.

An antivirus is a software designed to protect our PCs from viruses including Trojans, key loggers, rootkit, phishing attacks, and botnets. However, people tend to use antivirus program as antimalware as they think that it can address malware attacks but antivirus cannot address or give protection from all types of malware.

Here are some features of Antivirus program

•    Virus scanning scans all the files in the background and most of the antivirus offers real-time scanning feature that quickly detects and scans the existing malicious files. To know more on McAfee antivirus give us a call at toll free helpline 0800-756-3354 McAfee technical number UK.

•     Antivirus blocks malicious script and gives user automatic updates about newly detected threats.

•    Antivirus gives protection from limited malware   




Antimalware software is more focused on advanced malware threats. It scans, detects and protects against Trojans, advanced malware, spyware etc. In addition, it protects users from websites that are involved in malware distribution and offers a specialized malware database.

 There can be a different type of feature that can be included in any malware software which totally depends on the security vendor.


After going through different aspects of antivirus and anti-malware software, we can say that they do not replace each other rather they complement each other. Antivirus software is best for classic online threats including worms, Trojans, and viruses while anti-malware detects and protects users from new and sophisticated malware threats.

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