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by Jacob Williams Hqmould - Plastic Mould Factory

Plastic moulding refers to the process of shaping liquid plastic by using rigid frames or moulds. The liquid polymer hardens inside the mould and takes its shape. Plastic moulding enables the creation of many types of objects of varied sizes and shapes which are used for a plethora of purposes. HQ Moulds is a leading Plastic Mould Manufacturer in China. The company uses liquid plastic injection technique for plastic moulding. Injection moulding is a process in which the liquid plastic is injected into steel, aluminum or ceramic moulds under high pressure to form plastic moulds.

What kinds of moulds are manufactured?

HQ Moulds is engaged in the manufacture of many types of plastic moulds. Some have been listed here.

·         Plastic pallet mould

·         Household appliances mould

·         Auto mould

·         Pipe fitting mould

·         Chair mould

·         Crate mould

·         Thin walled mould

What kinds of machines are used?

Liquid plastic injection method is a specialized technique and requires high-grade machines for moulding. The company has over 30 mould manufacturing machines for the job. The various machines include axis CNC machines, high speed CNC machines, milling machines, wire cutting machines and engraving machines. The machines are run by highly qualified engineers and workers.

How are the moulds designed?

The company has a team of product designers and research and development engineers to design and develop plastic moulds. Computer aided design and Computer Aided Manufacturing software and other kinds of software are used for mould designing and manufacturing. High-grade software enhances the accuracy of the designing process. This eliminates the scope of making mistakes and resultant defects in the moulds.

Advantages of plastic injection moulding technique

Plastic injection moulding method used by the company has several advantages. Some of them have been listed here.

·         Plastic injection moulding can be used to make any kind of plastic part owing to the high accuracy of the process.


·        Plastic injection moulding can be used to make high strength plastic parts. This is achieved by adding fillers to the liquid plastic during processing which, in turn, increases the density of the liquid plastic and increases strength. Thus, plastic injection moulding is an ideal process of manufacturing moulds of products to be used in industries.


·        Plastic injection moulding is an automatic process run by machines and requires minimal supervision. Thus, the production also takes place continuously. The speed of the process is also fast with about 15-30 seconds between cycles.


·     Plastic injection moulding generates minimum plastic waste. The process uses only the required amount of plastic to create the mould while the remaining plastic and can be recycled for use again. Therefore, it is an environment friendly process.


·       The parts made by plastic injection moulding have perfectly finished appearances and do not require end finishing.

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The objective of the author is to give detailed insight into the evolution of one of the indispensable part of modern life, Plastic. By tracing the history of plastic mould manufacturer, you will understand the core concept of the mechanism that has developed gradually. The Plastic pallet mould uses same plastic application.

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