Air purifier and its effectiveness in treating germs inside your home

by Amili R. SEO

Looking to buy an air purifier online? If yes, it is necessary to understand the effectiveness of these machines in treating the air inside your home.

The air inside our home is full of various invisible airborne particles and microorganisms. Though we cannot see them from naked eyes, we could sense their presence through our lung and eye irritation or frequent sickness. In times of cold and flu, germs are particularly likely to be circulated throughout the home.

Some commonly found airborne irritants in your home include:

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses

  • Pet Dander

  • Dust

  • Mites

  • Pollen

  • Mold Spores

These irritants are known to source allergies, congestion, respiratory irritation, difficulty breathing, sinus issues and even conceded immune systems. Luckily, an air purifier is a powerful way to eliminate airborne irritants and improve your air quality and breathing.

The need of an air purifier

Your home should be your ultimate place where you can easily and safely enjoy your day-to-day life. Keeping high air quality within the home is important to keeping you and your family healthy and allergy-free throughout the year.

A majority of homes rely on air conditioning systems that circulate the same air recurrently throughout the home. Though the air filter in an air conditioner can filter out large, visible dust particles, it is not meant to arrest smaller particles such as pollen, dander or germs. However, air purifiers are specifically designed to do just this.

Let’s find out how air purifiers can help you treat germs, bacteria and other air quality concerns within your home.

Air purifiers detoxify the air by drawing it through a multi-layered filter to eliminate contaminants before recirculating the clean air back into the room.

Each layer of an air purifier's filter is meant to catch different types of contaminants. Filters are comprised of pleated or honeycomb-like material, enabling various nooks and crevices to snare solid particles. You can think of air filter as a colander or sieve. Just as you can drain a pot of pasta into a colander, grabbing the solids and permitting the liquid to pass through, you can filter out solid particles from the air.

Overall, air purifiers are found to be the most effective way to eliminate large particles as these are easier to catch within the filter. Bacteria, if airborne, are large enough for a high-quality HEPA filter to remove. Viruses present a big challenge as they are several times smaller than bacteria. However, most viruses are not becoming airborne by themselves.

If you’re looking to buy a high quality air purifier, you can choose buy air purifier online. Today, there are


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