Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy and Its Effectiveness in Treating Autism

by Speckids Aba Speckidsaba
Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a disorder that affects the growth and development, behavior, communication and social skills of individuals. There are different types and categories of autism, which is why it is considered as a spectral disorder rather than a single specific condition. The symptoms of autism vary widely in affected individuals so each case of autism can be completely unique.

This condition can be diagnosed during infancy or childhood, but there’s no cure for it yet. The reason is because current scientific and medical research has still not identified the cause of autism. However, certain therapies have been developed that can minimise the symptoms of autism and facilitate the growth and development of affected children. Therapy is effective if autism is diagnosed in early stages of childhood.

What is Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is form of treatment for autism. Children with autism lack the social skills required to interact with their surroundings and other individuals like normal humans do. They cannot express their thoughts effectively through words and actions. They may also develop certain behaviors that are repetitive or obsessive, such as getting irritated easily, being overly attached to certain objects, unable to make eye contact while communicating, etc.

ABA therapy focuses on understanding the behaviors of children affected by autism, then encouraging the positive or desired behaviors and eliminating the negative ones. The concept is simple but effective. Whenever the child performs the desired action or behavior, they are appropriately rewarded and praised. But when the child performs any undesirable action, no response is given to them. Over time, applied behavior analysis therapy can successfully integrate the desired behaviors, and gradually remove negative actions.

How does Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy work?

The first step in ABA therapy is to observe and analyse the behavior of a child. In this stage, parents as well as the therapist will carefully observe many aspects, such as the child’s response to commands, reaction to a new environment, ability to communicate with strangers and loved ones, etc.

After that, three steps are to be followed:

1. The child is commanded or requested to perform a certain desirable action. It can be something simple as tying a shoe lace, or something more complicated, such as talking to strangers.
2. If the child performs the requested behavior, they are rewarded with praise, or any object or activity they are fond of. 
3. Lastly, if the child performs any undesirable action, they are either not given any response at all, or they might be politely requested not to do so again.

There are many ABA Therapy Clinic that are certified to conduct therapy sessions for children with autism. The therapist works together with parents, as parents too need to be educated on how to care for such children with special needs. When continued for a long-term, ABA therapy has shown positive results in many children with autism.

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