Advantages of a debt consolidation loan

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What is Debt Consolidation?

Consolidating your debt means combining all of your debts into one loan at a lower interest rate or for a more extended period so that you can pay it off. Consolidating your debt may be a good option if you have a lot of debt and have difficulty meeting your monthly payments.

To determine whether an Americor debt consolidation loan is right for you, analyze your financial situation by considering the following advantages.

Advantages of a debt consolidation loan:

  • You reduce your monthly expenses. By combining all of your debts into one payment, the minimum monthly payment for this new debt will be less than the sum of all the minimum monthly payments for your old debt.

  • You go from managing multiple debts to managing only one. This can significantly simplify the management of your finances.

Five benefits of debt consolidation

Some advantages are more significant savings, orderliness, and reintegration into the financial benefits.

After two years of the pandemic, millions of families have been negatively impacted in their purchasing power. Factors such as rising inflation, lack of formal employment, and low economic growth in the country have caused people to look for ways to supplement their budgets with the help of withdrawals, credits, and loans, thereby increasing their debt levels—One financial institution.

In this context, debt reunification or also known as debt consolidation, in recent months, has become one of the best solutions to avoid this type of obligation and reduce the economic burden from having several creditors to having many creditors—Only one.

Five benefits of doing debt consolidation:

1. Organized.

You have more than one debt results in multiple payment dates, which can lead to confusion about amounts and days and make them late. By pooling all of these commitments into one debt, you will avoid these mistakes and stick with one cancellation date, allowing you to have a more organized budget.

2. Greater savings and liquidity.

Having obligations with more than one financial entity also results in paying different interest rates in each entity, paying more, and losing money. By consolidating your debt, you will only pay monthly interest, which can often be less than personal loans, credit cards, etc. Similarly, consolidation loans are for a more extended period, meaning the monthly fees will be much lower. This will provide more monthly liquidity that you can allocate to your savings fund for emergencies, family trips, etc.

3. Insertion back into the financial system.

Holding different debts can cause you to fall behind with one of them at some point and damage your credit history when reported at the credit bureaus, which can cause problems when you later go to the bank for a loan. If you're looking to reinsert yourself into the financial system, Americor offers mortgage-backed loans, even if they appear at the center of risk. This way, you can cancel your debt, allowing him to reinsert you into the financial system and restore your credit score.

4. Home improvement.

Maintaining financial order after consolidating your debts, you can also include in your budget the renovation or expansion of your home. Nowadays, the workday and education are developed in a hybrid way and the time people stay at home is more considerable, so increasing the finish of your home, adapting the area to use it as a study or office, will also be a good choice.

5. Working capital.

The pandemic brought several entrepreneurial ideas, which took off during these years and were promoted. If you own a business or have the idea of ​​starting your own business, consolidating your debt will allow you to allocate a budget. This way, you will pay your obligations on time and increase your income.

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