Advantages of a 5 star Split AC

by Amili R. SEO
Let us understand the design of a split air conditioner system. It primarily includes an outdoor packaged unit comprising of a compressor and condenser, along with an indoor unit that consists of an air handler. Conventionally, there’s a line set between these two units that is also a resident to copper refrigerant tubing, power cable and a condensation drain.

Split systems are varied from packaged units or traditional HVAC systems. It includes housing of all the components together in one package. They’re also different from the window AC units that includes a fan, compressor and coils inside a window or wall-mounted box.

Many people opt for split air condition pertaining to these benefits:

1. An Easy Installation procedure

In comparison to the traditional HVAC systems or the window AC amongst best air conditioner In India, a split system requires a lot less work for installation.  As we know the ductwork is not necessary, only the connector between your indoor and outdoor units requires a gateway opening of about 3 inches measurement in diameter.  The only necessity is access to electricity and a surface to mount your Air con. Different manufacturers provide different lengths for refrigerant tubes, but on an average you indoor and outdoor unit can even be 100 feet apart.

2. Greater Energy Efficiency

As we all know, central AC systems lose a lot of power from duct work, and punctured or leaky ducts can witness a loss that is up to 30 percent in cooling energy. In cases where you have uninsulated duct work or it being installed in poorly ventilated spaces, it may cause energy efficiency issues. As the split system provide totally ductless design, it upscale your energy savings and cuts on the heavy billed utility expenses. In some situations, ductless air conditioners can also potentially amplify the efficiency of a traditional air conditioner, targeting above 30 SEERS.

3. They Blend with Your Décor

The reason why interior decorators and enthusiasts prefer 5 star split AC HVAC systems is because they blend in effortlessly with any home interior.  The indoor installation being highly flexible, you can even suspend them from the ceiling or it may even be hung from the walls. In surplus, when paired with sophisticated jackets it also provides aesthetically appealing. Overall, split systems are considered to be less obtrusive than window units that will make you either cut a hole in the wall or assign a window to your AC.

4. Quiet Operations

Split air conditioners or as some say the indoor ductless units operate with little or no sound. It can get as silent as 19 decibels, which is relatively quieter than the window unit. The ductless condenser is compact and thinner in shape, and makes it easy for positioning them in several locations where noise can be a factor or where there isn’t a lot of space.

Increased Security

With no holes being cut on the wall or occupying a window hole, split AC offer more secured arena. The window ACs can allow intruders a way into your room. The minor hole for your conduit doesn’t pose any threat to your home’s safety, on the other hand window AC d the big space for window AC might put your security in a tough spot.

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