Adobe Photoshop Tools Guide for Beginners Part I

by Rishab Malik Digital Marketer


Hello Friends, the beautiful thing about adobe photo-shop software that anyone can design anything just with these tools. Only you need to know which tool is created for which function. If you know how's each tool works then it's easier to which you visualize that you can create. You can't imagine how many things you can design through photoshop.

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If you learn Photoshop, then it could be a good factor for your career. You can use this as a skill in any organization & you can take projects from online freelancing websites. you can write over the images in any manner, you can design different aspects of website, Graphics creation, Logo & banner designing. Let's see how tools are working-

Photoshop Tools Guide for Beginners

  • Move & Selection Tools
  • Crop & Slice Tools
  • Measurement Tools

Move & Selection Tools

Move Tool - This tool is mainly used for moving layers, selections & guides with a document on the stage.

Art-board Tool - This tool helps you to make different & multiple layouts for different devices & sizes.

Rectangular Marquee Tool - This will help you to select a rectangular selection. just you have to hold the shift key & drag according to your requirement.

Elliptical Marquee Tool - This will help you to select elliptical selection. hold the shift key & drag according to your requirement.

Single Row Marquee Tool - you can select a single row of Pixels left to right with the help of this tool.

Single Column Marquee Tool - with this tool you can select a single column of pixels top to bottom.

Lasso Tool - This will help you in selecting free-form selection.

Polygonal Lasso Tool - With the help of this tool you select straight-edged selection.

Magnetic Lasso Tool - this will help you to fetch the selection according to your requirement.

Quick Selection Tool - just painting brush will select the selection. For better quality, you can enable the auto-enhance option.

Magic Wand Tool - with this you can select an area of similar color only with a single click.

Crop & Slice Tools

Crop tool - It will help you to crop the image according to you & unwanted areas.

Perspective Tool -From this, you can crop the image & fix the common problem as well as.

Slice Tool - This will help you to divide the image into small selection they can be exported & enhanced easily.

Slice Select Tool - This will help you to select individual slice which is created by slice tool.

Measurement tool

Eye Dropper Tool - This will help you to pick color from any image for better representation.

3D Material Eyedropper Tool - From this tool, you can pick color from 3D model.

Color Sampler Tool - You can select 4 sample areas of colors on an image for displaying core values of colors.

Ruler Tool - with this tool you can measure distance, angles & locations. you can adjust the positions exactly according to you.

Note Tool - with this you can attach text notes to your document.

Count Tool - From this, you can easily count the total objects on an image.


Apart from the above Categories two more Categories which I don't explain in this article. but these tools can help you to enhance layers objects. edit according to your measurements & crop as well as. I will complete this article with the next three categories early.

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