A Guide On The Different Types of Wood Flooring

by Nordic Homeworx Home Decor Expert

When investing in a new floor, you are often faced with a choice of which type of flooring would best suit your home and be beneficial, at the same time. This is a comprehensive guide to compare three types of wooden flooring in Dubai in terms of appearance, eco-friendliness, durability, longevity and maintenance.

Laminate is a synthetic flooring product that is designed to appear similar to wood floors. The top layer of laminate has an imprinted textured image that imitates real wood while the primary layer is made from fiber board material.

Engineered hardwood floors consist of layers of wood or plywood. The middle and bottom layers are made from cross-laid solid wood, while the top layer is made of solid wood and often prefinished and stained.

Solid wood floors are produced from real wood, and homeowners can purchase them in prefinished or unfinished condition. Solid and engineered flooring are manufactured using real wood, while laminate is more of an imitation. Although it is good to note that high quality laminate floors look like real wood. But, solid and engineered floors will preserve the unique texture and appearance of natural wood.

When it comes to aesthetics there is an obvious difference between hardwood and laminate floors. Real wood has a tremendous texture variation which is why no two hardwood planks appear exactly alike. In laminate flooring the pattern imitates wood texture, so the pattern is identical and repeated.

The durability of floors largely depends on foot traffic and maintenance and care of the floor itself. The outer layers of laminate floors are made with melamine resins and aluminum oxide that result in a hard surface. Laminate floors are resistant to staining, fading and other damages and comes often with 25 years warranty on finish. The longevity of engineered floors also depends on the finish and maintenance and care. However, engineered hardwood floors too are guaranteed to last a few decades when bought from a reputed manufacturer. Solid wood floors in Dubai can be renewed, refinished and repaired without having to replace the whole floor. For example, if one plank is damaged it can be stained or sanded down manually. Solid wood floors can last a lifetime of 40 to 50 years at least, if maintained properly.

If laminate flooring is installed by laying individual pieces together, these planks can be replaced or removed. If it is glued down instead, spot repairs become impossible. If a plank is removed, the new piece is highly unlikely to match due to differences in wear levels and exposure to sun. Solid wood floors and engineered hardwood floors are easier to repair despite there being significant damages. If it is a spot repair, the individual plank can be removed and replaced or repaired all within a few hours.

Maintaining laminate flooring is easy, all you need to do is regular mopping, wiping and sweeping. Solid floors and engineered hardwood floors require little more maintenance. Homeowners should avoid using furniture polish and detergents to clean their floors. However, wood floors will preserve its beauty for decades as long as you clean the spills regularly.

Solid wood is 100% organic and eco-friendly as it is manufactured using real wood. Engineered hardwood is mostly organic as it contains several layers of wood. Laminate, on the other hand, is the least organic from flooring types.  

There are obvious differences between solid, hardwood and laminate floors. Upon inspecting closer solid wood is a healthier, environmentally friendly and wiser choice than the rest of the flooring options.

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