8 VoIP Features That can Boost Small Business Customer Service

by Neelesh Verma Telecommunication Service Provider

In any business, proper and clear communication between the representatives and customers is the key to success. In earlier times, small businesses were left with only limited options because affordable office communication devices were only available on the market. However, today with the state-of-the-art IP technology, the situation has changed a lot. 


Nowadays, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems have become very popular and are valued high due to various reasons like great quality, low cost, and sometimes even free. Using VoIP phone systems for small business, it is possible to make long-distance calls either for free or for just a few bucks compared to traditional phone services. The services of such phone systems can be received from any part of the world, with just a computer system or laptop with an internet facility. In addition to this, these phone systems have come with many other incredible features that would really benefit a small business.   

Features of VoIP Phones Systems that can Benefit Businesses   

  • 1. Transmission of Voice & Data over Single Network – In VoIP phone systems, the voice is transmitted digitally over the internet. With voice over IP technology, voice, data, images, and videos can be transmitted over a single network. It can also be used for instant messaging services that have voice options enabled. For example, AOL, Voice Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Ebay’s Skype, MSN have started using their own VoIP messenger.    

  • 2. Computer Programing for calls – Computer plays a huge role in telephone communications, and therefore, can also be programmed to make calls using VoIP phone systems. Small businesses that rely on telemarketing would really get help from such a process.  

  • Businesses that depend on call centers for customer service or other types of communication can also use small business VoIP systems as a way to contact their customers. With VoIP technology, customers can get help from people halfway across the world.   

  • 3. Easy Data Transfer - One of the main advantages of using digital VoIP phone systems, especially for a startup or small business, is the cost. The cost of a VoIP phone system is very less. Using such a phone system, one would be easily able to transfer data from the computer to a cell phone, landline, or even another computer.   

  • You can even chat with someone online in another country without paying huge money. This is only possible with VoIP phone communication systems; only you will be able to hear their voice. The phone system works on the broadband cable that connects the high-speed internet, making it possible for you to connect to the world without paying no extra money.  

  • 4. Simple to manageVoIP australia telephone systems can gather point by point information on the telephonic activity of the business, for example, incoming numbers, time of call, receiving extensions, and more. This data can be gathered in a spreadsheet and provided to top management to make business decisions.  

  • 5. Maintainable easily by in-house staff – Your current IT staff would without much of a stretch keep up with the VoIP telephone systems. VoIP telephone systems are effortlessly integrated with software, and therefore, there is no need for them to be maintained by expert VoIP technicians.   

  • 6. Best call quality – VoIP phone systems for small business has come out of its infancy and is now an established service. These phone systems are just about as reliable as analog telephone services, with much better sound quality. Because in VoIP, analog signals are converted into digital ones, you get faster and clean transmission of signals, which means better sound quality for you – even for long-distance or overseas calls.  

  • 7. Mobility – VoIP phone systems let you make and receive calls from any place where there’s an internet facility. The majority of the VoIP for small business phone systems come with a mobile app, so you can even use your cell phone as a desk phone. All the calls that you can receive with your desk phone can also be attended by your cell phone at the same time.     

  • 8. Versatility – Using landline phones, you can only make calls, but with business VoIP solutions or VoIP phone systems, you would be able to do many more things. There is no need for you to just stick to your handsets and cords, but you can also hands-free with a laptop, headset, and mouthpiece or simply utilize your wireless cell phone.


GenesysTel is one of the best business telecom solutions and internet providers in Australia that offers VoIP telephone system services to small and mid-size businesses at affordable rates. The VoIP and IP phone system services provided by the company offers high-quality calls with clarity and no call dropouts. The NBN ready small business phone systems provided by the company is something that is offered at the lowest rates in Australia. So, if you, as a business owner, are in search of the best VoIP telephone systems, then you can take the services of GenesysTel and empower your business with endless possibilities.  



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