8 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Payroll Company that Delivers on its Promises

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Outsourcing your payroll function to a third-party company has several benefits. The most obvious advantage is that it enables you to focus on your core business while you let another professional company take care of paying your employees and handling all the tax-related functions. It also means greater accuracy and efficiencies. But to realize these advantages, you must choose the right payroll service provider. Since it is a critically important function, you must research the market and keep certain factors in mind before you pick your preferred Payroll Schweiz. In this article, we tell you eight things to guide you on how to pick the right payroll services provider. Keep reading to learn more.


1. Stability


Nobody ever wishes to imagine that their pay deposits can disappear into the thin air. However, this is what happens if the company you chose to oversee your payroll activities goes out of business. Before you choose a payroll company, therefore, you will want to see how long it has been in business. You want a proven provider with a long history of excellent service. Additionally, ask the company to furnish you with their current SOC report. This objective evaluation by a third party gives you an unbiased assessment of the systems and processes of the provider.


2. Location


At the start of your search, you will surely encounter the names of some established national payroll Schweiz. You may even be tempted to use them. However, the disadvantage of using these national companies is that the relationship cannot be at a personal level. Small payroll service providers in your town are more personal and can tailor their services to meet your needs. Make sure your search is targeted appropriately to weed out too many options that may end up confusing you. 


3. Available features


Sometimes, it could be that you require more than simple payroll services. If that’s the case, then you must investigate if the firm offers other services to meet your needs not only now but also as you grow. Mobile access, for example, will be necessary if you intend to be uploading your payroll wherever you are. Also, you may want a payroll vendor that offers other services like health insurance and HR assistance, to mention but a few. 


4. Ease of implementation


The payroll vendor that you choose should make it incredibly easy to set up and start working. The ideal time when you only have a simple payroll is one week. You will generally be required to complete the paperwork, furnish the vendor with your banking info and details of your status with the IRS and other tax agencies, direct deposit information, and provide your form W-4 details. And while you will not be required to do much, it is advisable to ask your payroll Schweiz vendor to take you through their timing and process to enable you to know how everything works. 


5. System integration


You may be currently using other software to operate your business like the ERP or enterprise resource management, QuickBooks, etc. for that reason, you will want a payroll system that can easily integrate with your existing software. This enables the free flow of your data between the systems to ensure that there is maximum efficiency. Although the majority of payroll systems are self-explanatory, it is not obvious that they will integrate with your existing software. That is why you need to confirm that the payroll solution you are buying will integrate smoothly with your current programs. 


6. Cost


Cost is a crucial factor that many employers look into when choosing a payroll service provider. And while the cost will vary from one provider to the next ad depending on several factors, the average is $200-$250 per worker per year. But this may go higher depending on the services that they include in the package. For example, you may find that one provider includes tax filing and other ancillary services. Make sure you understand the services offered and the total amount you will be charged to get accurate comparisons. Ask your payroll Schweiz to give you a firm quote to enable you to the comparisons. 


7. Ongoing support


While all payroll services have some form of customer service, the manner and when they offer it tends to vary greatly. Make sure you ask the vendor about the training and support services that they offer. Support often ranges from DIY tutorials to online resources such as how-to-videos. Others include phone support or live chats. Even when you take live service only, there could be differences between providers. Some vendors, for example, provide phone support via a call center. On the other hand, some have a dedicated expert that you can call at any time if you have a problem. When choosing a payroll vendor, think about the services you need and choose someone who is most likely to fulfill those requirements. 


8. Reputation


Another thing that will enable you to find a vendor that offers the best services is to look at their reputation. You need to look for dependable and objective customer reviews about the companies that you have drawn up in your list. And while reviews can help you know how reputable a provider is, not all of them can be trusted. Look for objective and reputable sites like Consumer Report and PCmag, to mention but a few. Ask each provider to furnish you with a few references of past clients so you can see what it is like working with this company. 




The payroll service may not be a core function of your business. Nonetheless, it is an incredibly important one. Choosing the right company will ensure your payroll calculations are accurate and more efficient. That is why it’s important to research widely before settling on one provider. Look at their reputation, read reviews from authoritative sites like Consumer Report, and consider how much it would cost to outsource our payroll services to a particular provider. How easy the system integrates with your existing software and the features it offers is also something you want to take into account. 

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