8 Things that Google has made life easy - Importance of Google in Daily Life

by Darren Williams Software Developer
In this article, I will discuss about Google that has made most of the people's life easy by providing different products like google photos, news, images, search engine, youtube (Google Subsidiary), etc.

Google is among the world's 5 biggest brands that have been used worldwide. Google products and services are widely trusted and are extremely useful.
It is the most used search engine in the World. 

Before Google the popular search engine was Yahoo but due to improving their products day by day and with the improvement in artificial intelligence. Now, Google is ruling the search engine market with approximately 80% of searches in the world that have been searched on Google according to a report.

It’s the mission, according to the company website, is to “organize the data of the world and make it widely available and helpful”

Microsoft, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu are Google competitors and they are also improving their technology with the advancement in artificial intelligence. These companies are investing strongly in search technology and gain market share on an ongoing basis.

Yandex was founded in the year 1997 and it is mainly used in Russia. It is a Russian search engine. Baidu was founded on 1 January 2000. It is a Chinese search engine and mainly used in China.

1. Gmail

Gmail is a free service for everyone to receive an email. It is a Google product used by billions of people worldwide. It provides 15 GB of space for free for every user but if you want more space then you can buy the premium plan for increasing the storage. Users can receive the email up to 50MB in size. If you want to send more than 25 MB then you need to send two different emails because attaching a file of more than 25 MB is not allowed. 

2. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is developed by Google company and this product of Google helps teachers, students, and parents for creating, distributing, writing an assignment online, and grading assignments. Already millions of users in the world are using this platform.

3. Google Search Engines

Google Search Engine is the most popular search engine in the World. Most of us are using Google for searching any query on the web and Google chrome has already over 5 billion downloads on the Play Store and this number is enough to measure the popularity of Google.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps is without any doubt the most useful Internet software/app for finding and reaching the destination when traveling to new places.

Google Maps has a large community base that are helping each other and improving the Map locations such as giving the reviews of a particular place, adding images, adding missing places such as colleges, offices, small business, etc so that people can easily find the location on Google Maps.

Adding new roads, highways, expressways to Google Maps. You can also upload a video of the locations that you have visited. GPS navigation to guide you to reach your destination by showing the time, length of the route, and the best possible ways to reach a destination quickly.

It is really a good app for everyone and It is one of my favorite Google products as I am a traveler by passion so I need this app every time I travel. By the way, I am a software engineer by profession.

5. Google Images

Google Images plays an important role in finding and searching for images on Google. It provides the quality images and also displays only those that we want to see. Google also provides Google Photos app where you can store the backup of your photos. Google Images are useful in our daily life to download, search, and find images for various purposes.

6. Google Plus

Google Plus was a popular social network developed by Google but it is now no longer available and Google has shut down this service. There were over 150 million users on Google Plus.
7. Google News

Google News app/website is a great source for reading the latest news and updates on various topics like technology, gadgets, cars, bike, current affairs, news, nation wide important news, political news, etc.

8. Google Translate

Google Translate is another superb product developed by Google. With the help of Google Translate, I have friends from Colombia and Brazil. I even don't know how to write or speak Spanish and Portuguese but Google Translate helped me a lot in the conversation with any other nationality or when traveling to a new country. Thank you, Google for providing such amazing services.


Google services are good and this is the reason they have billions of users worldwide. They are continuously improving their technology and they have a smart team of professional software developers selected from different parts of the world to work at Google. Google is no not exactly a reference book that offers you data or information on everything under the sky, and everybody is recognizable to the famous expression 'Google it'. Be it Google Glass, or Street view or route, Google has consistently been there as your guide. 

Many big and small businesses are dependent on Google and directly or Indirectly Google has employes many people worldwide. With the assistance of Google interpretation you can decipher unknown dialects. It gives you the choice to 'decipher from' just as 'mean'. Incase you are a continuous explorer, Google can be of an incredible assistance to you. Any data with respect to appearance or takeoff of a flight, or a flight number, or the terminal or some other data; everything you do is simply 'Google it'. 

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