8 Awe-Inspiring Examples of Combination Logo Design

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To build the brand identity as well as brand awareness is the foremost essential of a business organization. The professional logo designs play a pivotal role in the same. Today there are manifold logo designs like 3D Logo Design, Feminine Logo Design, Badge Logo Design and much more available in the market that is best suitable for various industries. combination logo design is one of them that makes the brand identity of a business organization prominent as an icon.

Combination Logo Design is made up of composed wordmark or lettermark and illustrated mark or mascot. It is designed by keeping pictures and text either side-by-side or stacked on top of each other. Some professional logo designers also integrate pictures and text to engender a sublime image. Let’s exemplify it. Starbucks logo has the text with the integrated graphics. While AT&T logo consists of icon separate from the text.

Here we have listed out 8 unsurpassed examples of combination logo design that inspires you to stand out your business organization in your niche industry through empyreal combination logo design. Let’s get straight down in each example:

8 Remarkable Examples of Combination Logo Design

1.Reebok Logo:

Reebok is a USA based global athletic footwear and apparel company whose awe-inspiring logo is the best example of combination mark logo design which is the combination of distinctive typography, font-style, font-size, color schemes and much more.


2.Adobe Logo:

Adobe is an American multinational computer software company whose logo is the pluperfect instance of the combination mark logo design that is the combination of the finest wordmark as well as textual content that makes it prominent in its niche industry.


3.Baskin Robbins Logo:

Baskin Robbins is the gigantic chain of ice-cream specialty shop restaurant. As the company is known for its 31 flavor ice-cream in all over the world, its logo portrays a big “BR” that represents the number “31” in a unique way. Thus, its logo has been designed in a way that it shows a perfect meaning of the company’s brand with fun and energy by combining awe-inspiring graphic, impressive font-style, font-size and much more.


4.Toyota Logo:

How can we forget the world’s largest car manufacturer company Toyota’s logo, when we talk about the combination logo design. Toyota Logo is another foremost example of combination mark logo design as it is the combination of 3 ovals and its brand name. The overlapping ovals in the logo represent the unification of the hearts of its customers and the Toyota’s products.


5.Volkswagen Logo:

Volkswagen is a Germany based car manufacturing company whose logo is an inevitable example of combination logo as it simply represents the initials of the company by placing “V” (stands for Volks) over a “W” (stands for Wagen) in a different way and that is the actual beauty of this logo. Moreover, these initials have been surrounded by a perfect sized circle that makes the logo visually more distinct than others. Ultimately, it is designed with the best combination of graphic, wordmark, shape, size, color schemes etc.


6.WordPress Logo:

Wordpress is an open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. The Wordpress Logo comprises its initial “W” with the eye-catching combination of grey color scheme or sometimes white circle surrounded by the grey colored ring. Thereby, it is the best example of the combination mark logo design


7.Fila Logo:

Fila is a pre-eminent sportswear manufacturing company whose logo is one of the best combination logos that strengthens the brand identity of the company internally as well as externally. Moreover, it is also the best combination of finest color schemes, shapes, wordmark and font-size and much more.


8.Unilever Logo:

Unilever is a UK based transnational consumer goods company whose logo has been made up of its initial “U” and various 25 icons related to its products and each of them is having a deep meaning to understand. This is the reason why the Logo of Unilever is one of the best combination logo design.


Thereby, above are the 8 unexcelled examples of combination mark logo design that may exhort you to design your own combination logo to build the brand identity and brand awareness of your business organization in a prominent way.

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