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So I made a new year resolution: No more alcohol. I am switching out vices. I am switching to weed—full-time! I do not have the willpower to resist a lot of things. But my addiction to alcohol was a condition I was so resolute in putting an end to. I’ve been hearing about how alcohol dependence can be treated with marijuana maintenance, so I went searching for marijuana dispensaries on internet.

We all know the harm alcohol does to us. There was a time I stopped peating. I lost appetite for any and everything that feels more solid than beer. I started to add weight too. And there is this tension headache that follows when you wake up the next morning. A few friends criticised me, calling me a hypocrite. But I did not switch to weed just because I am so indulgent. In fact, I switched to marijuana because of the health benefits. And it isn’t only about health. I’ve got 7 reasons why I switched from alcohol to marijuana.

Health Impact

The most important reason for anyone to quit alcohol is because of the health risks associated with excessive drinking: liver disease; ulcers; and impaired cognition just to mention a few. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that between 2006 to 2010, approximately 90,000 deaths were caused by alcoholism. The DEA could not present facts similar to that. In fact, there have been no record of deaths associated with marijuana use or overdose. That said, a few accidents involving marijuana abusers might have occurred. Marijuana use poses no significant health risks.

Cure for Alcohol Dependency

Some people try to quit drinking alcohol by joining abstinence based support groups or entering for a formal addiction treatment program. Reports show that 60% of alcoholics who received formal treatment relapsed into drinking alcohol. In 2004, a research by Dr. Tod Mikuriya revealed that marijuana can be prescribed as a treatment for alcohol dependence.


Alcohol is expensive...except you want cheap alcohol...and that doesn’t make the situation any better. You spend more if you have a penchant for luxury and you consume more if the product only costs a few cents. Either ways, consuming alcohol excessively comes with high maintenance. On the average, Americans spend more than $5,000 on alcohol every year while the regular recreational marijuana user doesn’t spend up to a fifth of that amount. The difference is huge! $4,000 can settle a lot of things, if you ask me. I ordered for weed delivery online and did the arithmetic myself. As a decent marijuana user, what I spend annually is just a little shy of $700.


I have not met anyone who enjoys experiencing headache, fatigue, nausea, and dehydration all at once. These are typical symptoms of alcohol hangover. Once in a while, I get carried away and smoke pot excessively. You could experience similar symptoms but that is nothing compared to how I always felt waking up after a night of “booze galore”

Craving for Unhealthy Food

Weed increases your appetite—every one knows that. But did you know that alcohol consumption causes the release of a brain chemical that makes you crave fatty foods? And after consuming fatty foods, you crave for alcohol. If you have a healthy eating habit, using weed cannot make you crave junk food. The pros and cons are quite clear for us to see!

Social Impact

Taking marijuana is prohibited in public places. As a recreational weed user, there are high restrictions to the amount you can possess. You can enjoy a joint with your friends in a relatively private environment or social setting. Although alcohol use is highly regulated, no government puts a quota on the number of bottles you can buy.

I get high and laugh, and enjoy a good conversation when I take weed. Having a good time can be that cheap. When you get drunk, the reverse is the case. Personally, booze induces me with moments of “rational weakness”. I tend to lose connection with my feelings too. I have fought in pubs a number of times after getting drunk—and that’s because most other people are not thinking straight.

And the last one is very important to me:

Immunity Related Issues

Constant intake of alcohol weakens the immune system. This is a condition more serious than a hangover. If you agree with me, let me hear you say “ay”! I’ve never met anyone who had a typhoid relapse from weed consumption. Alcohol weakens the bones; heart muscles; and brain tissues. Alcohol weakens your immune system to an extent weed simply can't.

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