7 of the Top Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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In order to run a successful business, you need proper SEO strategies in place. Read on to learn about some of the best search engine optimization techniques.

Frustrated with a lack of targeted traffic on your website?

Consistently ranking behind your competition in search engine results?

Feel like no one even knows your website exists, let alone reads your blog or follows you on social media?

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar, then it sounds like you need to update your SEO and digital marketing strategy — ASAP.

From blogging and commenting on other sites to working with a professional SEO company, we’ll show you how to beef up your digital marketing strategy by using the top search engine optimization techniques.

1. Check Your Online Listings

One of the most important search engine optimization techniques?

Make sure that you’ve claimed your online listings outside of your website. These include things like your Google My Business page, your listings on review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, and much more.

But why do these listings matter so much?

First of all, if you don’t claim them, your competitors can. Additionally, they can boost your rankings in local search engine results. Finally, they give consumers valuable information about your business — as long as you complete the listings as fully as possible.

Be sure to include clear, colorful photos of your storefront, your operating hours, your contact information, and even customer reviews.

2. Blog At Least Three Times A Week

About 60% of SEO experts say that blogging is their most effective inbound marketing tool.

But what exactly makes blogging so important?

Firstly, it gives you the chance to pepper your content with lots of relevant keywords — the phrases that Internet users type into places like Google and Bing when they’re looking for something online.

The more keywords you have on your website, the higher your chances of connecting with the people who are the most likely to actually buy what you’re selling.

Additionally, blogging tells Google that you update your site much more often than the average website owner.

Google takes this to mean that you must be offering more valuable, relevant, and current advice than your competitors — so it pushes your site to the front of search engine results.

3. Get Active On Industry Discussion Boards/Websites

Another of the top search engine optimization techniques?

Getting active in the comments section of not only your own blog but also in the comments sections of popular blogs and websites within your industry.

Believe it or not, spending time on the forums is an incredibly effective way to drive more traffic — and highly targeted traffic at that — to your website.

But how?

Because when you leave a comment, you can include a link to your own website/blog in your signature. If someone likes what you have to say, or just wants to know more about who you are, they’ll be able to click on the link and easily be redirected to your site.

In addition to boosting your visitor count, this will also help your blog to gain more followers.

4. Embrace Video Content

Think that Google is the only search engine that you need to focus on?

Think again.

In fact, YouTube is now officially the world’s second largest search engine.

What can you take away from this?

That it’s time to make video content marketing a part of your overall SEO and digital marketing strategy. Luckily, video content marketing provides you with lots of different marketing opportunities.

There’s live video, drone video, video of product demonstrations, virtual tours of your office or production facility, interviews with your employees, question and answer sessions…the sky is the limit, as you can see.

For best results, aim to keep your videos under three minutes in length. Also, when creating the title, incorporate any keyword that allows your title to remain under 60 characters.

Keep in mind that if you’re new to the world of video content, it’s best to work with a professional SEO agency.

When writing your video description, keep in mind that while the official limit is 1,000 words, you’d do better to keep it closer to 250-300. Also, remember that anything after the first 100 characters will be cut off — so put your most important information up front.

5. Hire An SEO Company

Of course, it can be a major challenge to keep up with all of these search engine optimization techniques on your own.

With the day-to-day operational tasks of your company, you simply may not have the time to implement all of these strategies. You may also not have the technical expertise required, let alone an understanding of Google’s complex Algorithm.

However, SEO is far too important to remain an afterthought or something that you can “do tomorrow.”

This is why most companies choose to work with a professional SEO agency.

The experts at a professional SEO company can help you to conduct deep research on your target market, increase your social media follower count, write compelling and keyword-rich website and blog content, ensure your site is easy-to-navigate and responsive, and much more.

Need More Search Engine Optimization Techniques?

We hope this post on search engine optimization techniques has shown you the importance of developing a dynamic SEO strategy and working with an SEO company.

We also hope it has provided you with a few of the top tips you can use to increase your conversion rate and increase your place in search engine rankings.

Of course, it’s important to remember that the only constant in the world of SEO is change. The strategies you were using last week might be completely irrelevant a few days from now.

In order to avoid dropping in the rankings or being penalized by Google, you need to stay on top of these changes.

That’s where our website and blog comes in.

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