7 Evergreen Technology Guaranteed To Help You In Business Grow

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IT industry is one particular sector that keeps on innovating and is never stagnant. Year after year new and advanced technologies keep on adding to the list of IT technologies. Here, we are more focused on web development and web designing technologies that are evergreen and can be immensely helpful in growing your business. Some of the technologies have been highly favoured by web development companies and web developers as they give a winning edge over other technologies. Let’s bifurcate them into front end development and backend development for discussing in details:

Frontend development technologies: These scripting languages consists of building web pages as well as user interfaces when it comes to web applications, websites or mobile applications.. The major technologies that are here to stay include HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular.

1. HTML, CSS and Javascript 

HTML: HyperText Markup Language is the standard language used for designing all documents for web pages and web applications that are displayed in the world wide web.  HTML helps in embedding images, text and objects Web browsers display HTML documents received from server or storage.

CSS: The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language that assists HTML in presenting documents with fonts, colour, size, border, backgrounds,  spacing, etc. It also allows the user to include video and 3D objects in the webpages.

JavaScript: It is the most widely used scripting language for creating interactive web pages and is a core technology of the world wide web. Several websites, web application and mobile apps run using JavaScript and is used especially by Java  web development company Noida. It suits the development of client-side scripts that require to be placed in the HTML document.

2. AngularJS: Angular is produced by Google and is much more improved than its previous versions. Angular helps in the development of dynamic applications using a single page with fewer codes. Several versions of Angular have come up from Angular 2  to AngularFire, Angular JS and Angular CLI. AngularJS is a part of MEAN stack which includes other technologies namely, MongoDB, Express.js and Node.js.

Back-end Development Technologies: Back-end  development means the development of the websites from server-side development and performs any action on the website from behind the scenes. Backend developers write codes and give high importance to the database, architecture of the website. The Backend developer needs to know about web development languages, database and cache, server, API. 

3. PHP : PHP is the most popular web development technology today which is used by the developers. PHP or ‘Personal Home Page’. PHP is used on a large scale for creating numerous websites. PHP covers more than half of the web content. PHP 5.3 being enormously fast language, is flexible and easy to write.  It is quite vast and includes several frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter, Phalcon etc. PHP is highly used in business websites and by web development companies.

4. ASP.NET: Active Server Pages.NET is an open-source server-side web framework that consists of tools, programming languages and libraries for development of applications.  This platform is designed by Microsoft to allow the development of dynamic, reactive as well as responsive web applications, web pages and mobile applications as offered by Asp.Net Development Services Noida. ASP.NET is enriched with scalability and reliability which add more value to several applications and websites across the globe.

5. Laravel: Laravel is also an open-source web development technology and is a PHP Framework to create web applications on the basis of MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.  It offers multiple libraries and allows faster development of web application that is more secure and easier.  Apart from being free, Laravel provides far better features than Codeigniter that also consist of built-in support for authentication and authorisation by users. The latest version of Laravel 6.0 was released in September 2019.

6. Python: It is a high-level multi-paradigm programming language that uses whitespace. Python enables developers to create clear and logical codes with a standard library. This structured programming is fully supported through dynamic typing and reference counting. Python is favoured for scientific computing, machine learning, and data mining. Many app development services Noida use Pthong for web development.

7. Magento: Magento is also an open-source technology that allows e-commerce platform developed in PHP that is used by online shopping websites.  It can handle the online store through effective marketing, catalogue management and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  It is scalable, fast, understands customer’s behaviour and manages thousands of products. It also provides plug-ins and themes that can be used for enhancing the user’s experience. It can be integrated with other systems and is very robust. This robust system is easy to install which gives e-commerce solutions.  Magento Development Services Noida, India is highly demanded and favoured by various online cart business owners to develop their websites with distinctive features.

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