7 Essential Tips for Keynote Speeches

by Santosh Kumar Writing

A keynote is a principal presentation or speech that introduces an event, usually by a famous speaker. It sets the tone of the event by introducing an idea. The best keynote speeches are so rich you could write about them. It is not enough to tell a funny anecdote or a joke. A keynote needs to teach something to the audience and move them. Writing a keynote speech is like writing a book.

There is no perfect recipe, but there are guidelines. If you are new to keynote speaking, prepare to face high standards and put in more work than regular presentations. The following tips should prepare you well:

Learn the intent

Acknowledge that many organizers use the term ‘keynote’ for different aspects. Clarify whether it is the main presentation you are giving or something else. Know the organizer’s goal and context. Is it to excite, entertain, or inform? The organizer has a vision in mind. Understand what it looks like and how it overlaps with yours.

Know the audience

Understand what points move the audience you are addressing, their thoughts, how to connect with them, and their expectations. Good keynotes tell a story related to the context or the conference itself. Before attending the event, research the conference name, see the attendees, and ask the organizer for feedback from past keynotes and the audience expectations.


Learn about the previous event keynote speakers and inquire about what worked well and did not. Know about those who came before you. Most event websites have that information and sometimes even videos of previous keynotes. Make a list of the data, like speaker bio, achievements, press releases, and contact information, while creating the speaker media kit.

Plan the story

Think about the story you want to tell. It can be a personal anecdote, something big in the news, or a surprising outcome from the research. It should be funny, entertaining, inspiring, gripping, moving, or a combination, as long as it makes sense. The ideal keynote length is between 15 and 45 minutes.

Internalize the presentation

Finish your presentation a couple of weeks before the event so you can internalize it. As a regular speaker, nothing drives more sweat through your pores than finishing a slide deck a couple of hours before the event starts. Keynotes have high requirements for speaker quality, so ensure you leave enough time to refine your slides and learn the content thoroughly.

Connect with the audience

Coffee breaks or breakfast are good opportunities to know the attendees. Standing in front of a mass lets you address specific people and talk to them. You probably feel comfortable on stage, and your keynote speaking presentation gets smoother.

Use social media

Reconnect with the audience after your keynote on social media or in person. Make yourself available, answer questions, and discuss your material with attendees for better feedback and create new followers.

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