6 Ways to Strategize HRMS Right in 2019

by Aarushi Sharma Human Resource Executive
“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”  Doug ConantBusiness Leader, Best-selling Author and Founder, ConantLeadership
Winning the workplace is often targeted by the generous bosses and pleasant HR managers in any company. Being pleasant while expediating the work in organizations sometimes come naturally while other times, the management must be strategic while also being human. For a highly daunting task of achieving a robust HR strategy for the organizations, even the most seasoned HR managers first find it difficult to elaborate on a strategy and this is even more difficult for novices. Then come the baby steps of penning down the ‘what to’ and ‘how to’ dilemmas. This is quite a heavy task to be delivered by HRs across industries and thus every spec of all the mandates and provisions must be taken onboard with extreme care. Transitioning to every financial year, the HRs become an Intensive Care Unit aka ICU for safeguarding the workforce environment and utilizing human resources for the coming year. Software however prove to be a great help in pacifying and streamlining the organizing system. SHRMpro is one such dynamic facility to marvel at. Let’s pen down key points to keep in mind while formulating the refurbished HR strategy for the upcoming fiscal year.
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  • It’s Always Work vis a vis Workforce for HRs

For a quantifiable work success, it’s a good practice to get both the workforce at par to the work as such. Both at loggerheads with each other at more than once will only create tension in the harmony of the organization thus begins disarray. In such a situation a sensible HR can make the two ends meet, that is through a clever dialogue. However, in order to avoid such a situation to happen in the first place, HRs need to strategize their general approach with the vantage point of keeping both the resources- the employees, their requirements with how the business can facilitate the same while also ensuring profits can be aligned. Thinking optimistically about this approach of strategizing, an HR cannot only always think about either of them as priority but balancing both is how they ace the act. Now how to balance them? It is to be done by thoroughly understanding the business needs and how that can be merged and facilitated with what the actual resource- the employees need. However clichéd it sounds, ignoring this amity will only show adversely on the sanctum sanctorum of business operations. The best way is to realize where the gaps generally occur and create an upheaval-proof strategy.
  • Tactical Resourcing

Identifying the right type and size talent and maintain a solid talent pool for future references goes without saying for HRs in companies of any size and strength. It’s important to gain perspective over the needs and wants of the business and aligning your search for resources on the same lines. HRs need to grasp the fundamentals of every position and occupancy, their correct roles and job descriptions to be followed in pursuit of desired candidature. Technology today has come to your rescue to create a big pool of candidates and bridges the gap between the aspirant and the employer. SHRMpro works in compliance with industry norms and offers impressive modules like Recruitment Management, Payroll Management that have proven to be load sharing mechanism for its users across a wide range of industries from hospitality to fisheries, from hospitals to automotive industry.
  • Put Company’s Order Right- Performance, Development & Structure

As a resource facilitator and user, it’s a prime duty of HR while strategizing to identify the ways that add value to the business and where and how much resources are needed and the sources of retrieval right from the talent acquisition to workflow management. Strategy always begins with understanding the depth of the situation, according to the business requirements. Maintaining a certain level of employee performance, it must be ensured that employees are replenished with enough remuneration, leaves and bonus. An additional praise in cash or kind for their dedication or exemplary performance never hurts! Company is a mix of talent coming together to perform for a unified end goal. Identifying those goals and encouraging the resources in the same direction causes development. This can be achieved with regular communication. Make yourself highly accessible at all levels to get your employees responding to your strategies. This should happen individually, as teams and even at organizational level. Multi-dimensional SHRMpro helps in achieving that for both the HRs and the teams at various levels, taking care of fixing meetings, raising tickets for any discrepancies, etc. This leads to higher business development skill along with greater competencies matched with better behavioral enhancement.
  • Accepting Technology as a friendly partner- a facilitator; not a robotic resource

Information Technology aka IT is a sphere that has not left any sphere untouched in improving the situation. From hiring to retiring can now be taken care of sophisticated technology that is a one touch mechanism. SHRMpro is one such innovation that continuously supports market leaders to maintain their position as it enables and engages the HR and the workforce towards a simplified functioning, sans the hassles of everyday works like attendance errors, leave errors, meeting scheduling, ticket rising, exit management, payroll issues, etc.
  • Organize a Culture to Reckon With

Work culture comprises of a healthy environment, achievable deadlines, acceptable remunerations, scope for relaxation, enough holidays and leaves, an accessible HR and a cool cafeteria, not to forget a kickass décor. Every employee performs better if supplemented with the said provisions apart from an encouraging and giving environment and a brand to work for. Companies often demand a proactive workforce but forget to furnish employees with an atmosphere that enhances their performance. HRs and Admins too need to keep up with these small but meaning full realizations to help the employees work better and together. Take inspiration from Google and Apple work cultures.
  • Practicing to Surveying short but frequently

A Pro-tip- It never actually hurts employees to fill a brief, literally brief regular surveys to help improve the organization and make work-life better. In conclusion, Human Resource Management is an endless loop of STOP. REMAKE. START. That is to say that you need to focus on what did not work out for the organization, that needs to stop for the next term. Remake a new strategy, make a comprehensive plan that engages management and employees and start with a new session with optimism and better though after policies for desired results.

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