6 Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Selecting Marble From Marble Suppliers

by Munira Ahuja Home Design Consultant

Marble is a beautiful building material that uplifts the complete look of your space. To choose the right stone colour from ceiling to flooring is not that easy. It is a crystalline carbonate of limestone, naturally formed by the metamorphic action. It is considered as one of the most expensive stones, used for various interiors and exteriors applications. 

Marble is beautiful and has its properties to look out while purchasing the material in the market. It comes in a wide range of colours with distinct patterns and textures. There are for sure many marble suppliers in India to buy from, but do you know how to pick your best fit? 

It has been utilized in structural and artful culminations since ancient times. Considering its quality, excellent features and sturdiness, it is an appropriate decision for structuring your home with this beauty. Here is a set of guidelines for you to select the best marble for decorating your interior spaces. 

6 Factors You Need To Keep In Mind While Shopping Marble 


Marble was the choice of the royals for its inimitable luxury. It comes in a wide range of colours, including white, black, grey, green, red, brown, beige and so on. As it is naturally obtained, each slab is unique with its distinct patterns and textures. 

The stone consists of mineral impurities, which brings striking variations in its patterns and colours. Its imperfections make it a perfect material for decorating your interiors. Therefore, understanding the colour and veining variations is crucial. Try sample stones to match your space vibe and ambience. 

Physical features

Marble is a porous material that can scratch and stain easily. Small scratches on the surface can be polished and levelled out, but repairing larger ones is impossible. It is both heat and water-resistant.  The stone is long-lasting that provides an elegant look to any room. 

While choosing the appropriate marble slab, make sure they are free of cracks and stains. You should be aware of the difference between fissures and cracks in the stone. Fissures are natural cracks that add to the aesthetics of the slab. Whereas, cracks are formed due to improper handling and shipping that downgrades the overall look of a slab.  

It is also important to buy only quality slabs that have been tested and coated with non-cancerous substances. Watch out for manufacturers or suppliers who supply artificial coloured slabs that will not last in the long run. Market research is necessary while buying this expensive stone because marble is your one-time investment. 

Matching ISI standards

ISI standard is the international benchmark in determining the marble quality. The stones have to be well-reinforced, well polished, cut uniformly and should at least be of 18mm thickness. Many suppliers need to achieve ISI hallmark to be able to provide quality stones.


The cost varies from place to place. Budget is your call. Some factors that affect your cost are size, design, shipping, installation and maintenance. But on the brighter side, marble slabs are also available at low prices. 


Marble is durable but needs special care and upkeep. Along with regular sweeping, it also needs mopping with water and mild stone cleaners. Also, while installation, sealing the flooring is useful as it prevents cracks and most of the damages. 

Pick the right marble to suit multiple application

Considering the beauty factor is necessary. But to choose the right marble colour is sometimes a task. The colour should match the room environment and other objects and furnishing. It is advisable to approach experts for making the right choice for specific purposes. 

Final Thoughts 

The best part about this material is its shine and attraction. Wherever you install this beautiful stone, you’ll surely fall in love with space. Therefore, get online and search ‘marble suppliers near me’ and bring this beauty home. 

If you are looking for high-quality slabs anywhere in Bangalore, Sipani Marbles is the best option in town. They import exquisite collections of stone from over 15 countries of the world. They have everything that you are looking for in building a beautiful home. For more information, visit their website and check out their beautiful collections and factory processes. 

For more details, get in touch.

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