6 Reasons to Buy Blue Topaz

by Akash Chauhan Google Marketing Consultant

Blue Topaz is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’, implying ‘fire’. This translucent and blue stone is named so because it has the power to cool down hot water. The stone is available in several hues including blue, rose, orange, brown, pink. Being around for 2000 years, Blue Topaz has a rich history. It symbolizes ‘Ra’, the Sun God, giver of fidelity and life. So, the stone is sought after in the society. The calm blue color of Topaz can pacify anger and has immense healing powers.

Blue Topaz is the birthstone for the month of December

Blue Topaz symbolizes longevity, life and wisdom. It is the gemstone for the ones born in the month of December. As per the ancient Greeks, Topaz gave energy and strength to the wearer.

Astrological benefits of Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is just perfect for the ones who are hot tempered. The stone helps those who feel angry all the time. It helps the person to realize emotions while bringing painful emotion to the surface. Well, the most important astrological benefit of Blue Topaz is that it negates the malefic effects of Saturn in the horoscope. If Saturn is placed in the 3rd House of the native, the impacts are disastrous and the only way to negate the inauspicious placement of the strong planet, Saturn, is wearing Blue Topaz. It may be worn as a ring, as a pendant, as suggested by the astrologer. If you are a trader and want success in the business, you may wear Blue Topaz.

Effects and meaning of Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz Gemstones can have a very positive impact on the person if worn in the right manner. Derived from the word ‘Tapas’, Blue Topaz means ‘Fire’, and this is why, it must be worn by those who are hot tempered. It can cool down the temper of the individual. The stone makes the wearer starts to honor others and himself and helps to understand his own feelings. Resentment and anger goes away from the life. It makes the person selfless and forgiving. Thus, Blue Topaz promotes healthy life, assists in verbalization and facilitates mediation.

Blue Topaz wear in which finger, which finger to wear Blue Topaz Ring

It is wise to take the advice of an expert astrologer but in most cases Blue Topaz is worn in the index finger. Only an astrologer can read the horoscope sign, suggest you where and how to wear Blue Topaz.

Blue Topaz health benefits

Blue Topaz is the pacifier of anger, resentment. If you are calm and peaceful, you can live balanced and healthy life. It stimulates endocrine system. Blue Topaz also assists in tissue repair and regeneration. Blue Topaz helps in treating hemorrhages, fights poor appetite and blood disorders. The one who wishes to be clear-sighed, he/she must wear Blue Topaz. It improves eyesight and according to some Blue Topaz can also increase strength.

Blue Topaz Side Effects

Blue Topaz is a popular gemstone which can dispel enchantment to improve eyesight. Nothing is said about the side effect of Blue Topaz. However, you must not wear the stone until and unless it is recommended by an astrologer.

Blue Topaz has the power to attract good luck and bring about fateful encounter. It can create good relations with your siblings. 


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