6 golden rules to make your gift card boxes cool, effective, and viral

by kaily jaun digital marketer

The design of your packaging is a vital element of your brand identity. A good design will always inspire the consumers and enable you to differentiate yourself in the competitive market. Every business out there does not want to be remembered for a fluke because of its packaging. Do you want to gain ultimate success with the design of your gift card boxes Follow these 6 golden rules while designing gift card packaging for effective branding and marketing of the products.

Know your consumers and competitors:

The first rule is to know your target audience and potential competitors in the market. Before designing the gift packaging, make sure you know your target audience. This is because if you do not know your customers and their likes or dislikes, your design may end up in a disaster. And, a bad design will end up giving the wrong message or information to potential consumers. This might ruin the image of your gift cards and organization. Likewise, it is equally important to know all your competitors in the market. Knowing them gives you a chance to evaluate where you are standing. You can take hints from the competitors to know what design works best in the retail market. Join the aspects of packaging designs of successful competitors and create a unique and distinctive design that can work best for you.

Be clear and simple:

The custom printed boxes for gift cards play a vital role in influencing the purchasing decisions of the customers. On average, the clients take 5-10 seconds to determine whether the gift cards are worth buying or not. This decision is made by seeing the packaging solely. In the retail market, you will find a variety of products with packages enlisting their fundamental benefits with no clear brand name. You will also find some printed cards that look phenomenal, but their packaging is failing them as it is unable to describe appropriately what is inside the box. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to remain simple and clear when designing the printed boxes for your cards. They should be such that the customers could easily identify what the product is inside and what is its purpose. They should also be able to reflect the brand identity behind their creativity.

Shape and size matter:

The shape and size of printed gift card boxes are important elements that work together to assist a brand in establishing an esteemed image in the retail industry. What will be the first impression of a gift card when you see it packaged inside a loose or small packaging? Everyone will probably assume that the printed card is of low quality. A perfect scenario to avoid this kind of issue is to measure your gift items and design a perfect packaging according to the measurement taken. It should not be too large or too small to ruin your reputation among the customer base. The perfectly sized packages will look one of their kind. Likewise, the shape of the cardboard boxes also matters a lot. The people are bored by seeing the shapes of traditional packages such as rectangular or square shape. Design the packages in some unique shapes such as triangular, pyramid shapes to make a good first impression on the clients.

Print professionally:

Always look for quality when printing your cardboard gift packaging because the quality is worth every penny you spend. Do not go to some print store that is near to you but offering a low-quality print. Go for professional printers that do not compromise on the quality of printing. Other things that you should consider while opting for the best professional printer are printing volume, printing techniques, estimated time, and budget. No matter how much good looking your gift products are, the bad printing quality can ruin all your handwork. You can opt for the digital printing technique for efficient quality as well as minimal budget. If the budget is not a concern, go for offset printing as it provides the best quality to your boxes.

Align design with your store:

If you are going to display your gift cards on the retail shelves, there are certain rules which you must follow. Firstly, the cardboard boxes for gift cards should display all the relevant information. The warning or precautions are the first things that you should include in your design. Secondly, it is worth checking with your local authorities to be sure that you are following all the standards. Thirdly, the design of your packages should speak itself for the products. Any information or message printed on the items should not be hidden when you apply covers on them. For this, you can use a window-cut feature.

Make good use of colors:

Colour is an important tool to have an impact on the psychology of consumers. Do you know how the colors we choose to use in the packaging design impact the subconscious and emotional level of the customers? Different colors have different meanings and psychology, which create an impact on clients. For example, the green color shows health and peace. Similarly, the yellow color shows friendliness, happiness, and confidence. You can choose whichever color you want in your design to show particular emotions but make sure that it aligns with your overall brand theme.

There are 6 rules which, when followed properly, make your gift card boxes a masterpiece. Firstly, you should know your target audience and competitors. Secondly, follow the simplicity and clarity principle. Thirdly, choose the correct shape and size. Fourthly, print professionally. Fifthly, your design should be according to your brand theme. And sixthly, remember to be playful with the colors.



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