6 Basic Guidelines to Repair a Poor Customer Service

by Alen Parker Professional Guest Blogger
Almost every organisation faces some hazardous pitfalls. Some of them go through that phase and evolve as a better solution centre, while some perish. According to the latest research, almost 55% of customers or different business agencies have taken steps to make a purchase but eventually backed out due poor customer service experience or looked out in order to venture with some new brands.

Inbound call centre, on the other hand, has always been considered to be the voice of common people. Therefore, delivering superior services and ensuring a promising customer satisfaction have become a prime concern in such competitive business environment. Also, contact centres play a crucial role in managing relationships with their outsourcing partners and customers as well. While delivering exceptional services to the customers, call centres have shifted their focus to gaining competitive advantages. These contact centres have failed to realise that their prime business is to provide great customer experiences and stand up for people’s expectations. This action has led to the downfall of many agencies leading customers to withdraw their services. So here are some tips to manage your disgruntled customers:

Show generosity in your gesture

If your customer is frustrated this is because he has already invested time and effort in your brand. Therefore, help him overcome his bad experience by greeting him with a goodwill gesture. This time the error or the irresponsible customer service was from your end. So, compensate the customers’ inconvenience with some credits or extra services. Apologise for the inconvenience caused and ensure that this will not be repeated in future. 

Listen patiently

Even if you have understood the issue on the very first hand, wait till the customer speaks. Hearing out a customer is extremely important. Be patient and supportive from your side, as this will make him ease his anger and will give you a chance to explain the misconception or actually went wrong.

Take responsibility

Apologise your customer on behalf of the organisation. A small greeting or apology mail can be a wise chance to get things right. Ensure that their issue will be analysed as soon as possible without further wasting their time. Make them believe that every customer in the company is equally valued.  

Provide them with an ETA

Once you have identified the root cause of the problem, ensure that their issue will be resolved in no time. Provide them with an estimated date of accomplishment of their queries and by which date the services or the products will be delivered to them. Delivering the product or services within the given date is a prominent way to win back the loyalty and trust.

Provide them with after service

Once the problem is resolved, provide your customers with a brief note of what can be avoided in order to not face the same issues. And ensure that the problem was solved to his satisfaction. Ask for the feedback and from time to time enquire about the delivered services.

Let your team know about the problem

If the problem was challenging enough discuss it with your teammates and sort out a permanent solution for the same. Analyse the root cause of the problem and amend the processes to get it resolved quickly. Almost every inbound call centre agents are trained on their communication behaviour and soft skills. Implement these skills to make a poor customer experience into a better one. 


Train your inbound call centre agents to go through such problems, analyse and figure out a practical approach. If a customer has chosen to venture and invest in your business, this means that he trusts you with your services. If the things or the process is going wrong, make efforts to deal with it. Take responsibility and set things right. Take advice or discuss your problems with your managers. 

Embrace your customers with full empathy, and try not to make the same error in the future. It takes just a little effort or a need to walk an extra mile to gain back the lost trust.

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