5 Major Misconceptions About Criminal Defense Lawyers

by Alva Firm Law Firm in Philadelphia

Most of the people are in absolute love with the ‘idiot box’ and believe each and every word that is spoken by the actors.

And similar goes with the legal matters. You would have watched a lot of legal shows etc. portraying highly serious criminal cases, but the fact is that not all that they portray is always true. 

Therefore, if you are about to consult a Philadelphia’s defense attorney for your criminal charges, here are certain truths that you really need to know:

Myth 1: Criminal Lawyers Always Know The Real Guilty

As a matter of fact, criminal defense lawyers are also human beings and do not possess any magical powers. Thus, they could never come to know who the guilty is unless the evidence forces them to believe so. 

Criminal lawyers always obey the laws, regardless of what the TV shows tend to make an impression.

Myth 2: Criminal Lawyers Are Big, Big Liars

You might consider that any personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia may lie to turn the case towards him, but they generally do not.

In fact, lawyers tend to twist the plot and say things in a different manner which might sound a lie, but they are definitely not. This is their way of winning an argument. 

Myth 3: Lawyers Would Easily Persuade A Person To Believe Them 

It’s not a cakewalk to walk into the court and start arguing with another lawyer. Most importantly, persuading other people, lawyers and the judge, etc. is definitely not an easy task.

In fact, the lawyers need to look at each and every fact and issue and work very hard to make a befitting argument. Hit and trails are definitely not what they aim.

Myth 4: Lawyers Hide Evidence and Use Illegal Evidence

No matter what the TV shows might come up with, you need not believe them regarding the evidence in a case. 

Lawyers would never hide particular evidence and nor would they come up with any kind of false evidence to prove their client innocent. All that they do is fully under the law and they never commit any illegal activity.

Myth 5: Lawyers May Spin A False Yarn Out Of Nothing 

Again, never ever believe any such statement. 

Law is something that binds them and they are trusted by the client, people, and the judge, etc. since they obey the laws. Due to this, lawyers would never invent a false story and try to hide the guilt of their clients.

Thus, if you are under such misconceptions relating the criminal defense lawyers, you need to know the truth right away. And if you still suspect, meet a reputed criminal lawyer and get all the assistance you desire. 

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