5 Incredibly Powerful Strategies to Boost your Business Sales!

by Priya Jain Business Consultant

It`s a new decade, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners. Regardless of how well your business strategy is or how brilliantly your products are performing, there comes a point when the sales department experiences a slump.

Most of the entrepreneurs think that once they have launched their products in the market, customers will break the queue to purchase them. Truth to be told, not all products take off on the first try. Don`t believe us? What we are going to reveal now will amaze you!

·         In 1979, the Dyson vacuum cleaners were first invented. But, they didn’t fly off the shelves until 1995.

·         Engineers Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding created bubble wrap in 1960 as a textured wallpaper only to see it becoming a total failure. It was when IBM used it as a packaging material for a newly launched computer that it became an instant success.

·         Apple, the world`s most popular brand was founded in 1976 and had its share of failed products. It even ousted its founder during the downturn in 1985. It was the iMac and iPod that turned the tables around.

According to Harvard Business Review, about 75% of consumer packaged goods and retail products fail to earn even $7.5 million during their first year.

So just because your product is not attracting magnificent sales yet, doesn`t mean it never will. But it could mean that your sales strategy needs to get better.

The good news is that there are plenty of creative tweaks that you can incorporate into your sales and marketing strategies today. However, there is one thing that every entrepreneur or a business owner must keep in mind- not every strategy that can boost your sales will seem directly related to the way you engage with your customers and clients.

But by making few essential tweaks, you could be much better equipped to achieve higher revenue goals. So, if you thought that hiking the Everest summit is easier than increasing your sales, then we are here going to tell you amazing sales strategies to prove that simple yet effective strategies can give your revenue the much-desired hike.

Below are few techniques that will help your business increase sales without complicating matters any further:

1.       Give Personalized Service to Customers

Personalized customer service is paramount for any business. It is one of the most powerful ways to increase business sales. For instance, our name works like a charm for our brain, activating various sections at once. And, mentioning a customer by his or her name can make them feel special.

Also, there are certain other aspects related to their interests in sports and movies through which you can provide them with a personalized experience. Take Starbucks for instance. Starbucks offer a personalized experience to their customer by writing their names on the coffee mugs. This makes every visitor to their café feels truly special and makes them want to come back for more.

2.       Acknowledge your customer behavior

Your product might have excellent features in great numbers. But, there is a possibility that your customers might just use only one or two of those features. This is why it is vital to research how your customers use your products and services.

It will also provide you insights into the immediate challenges that your customers are facing. This will enable you to upgrade your products or services, or tailor them to your customers` needs for a higher price.

You can also recognize the pattern of your customers, their likes and dislikes too. You can cross-sell a related product with a particular product that your customers use. You can also upsell a premium product or service to your customers that will add value to their lives.

3.       Build an Innovative Product or Service with Customers

If you have ever been to Subway, you will exactly know what we are talking about. Subway allows its customers to choose their bread, vegetables, pickles, and sauces. In this way, the customers feel empowered that they have created their burgers. And, if the burger does not taste good, the customer will not complain.

Hence, it is very important to build products according to your customer behavior. Co-creating products and services with customers will give them a sense of inclusion and they would love to spend money on the product they have created on their own.

4.       Offer a Customer Loyalty Program

A Customer Loyalty program is a brilliant way to attract your customers and retain them too. Loyalty programs can make customers feel happier. It also makes them feel appreciated for the money they spend in buying your products and services.

5.       Create a Unique Value Proposition

Any unique proposition that is in great demand is vital for sales growth. If you offer an excellent product that a lot of other companies are also offering, it will be tough for you to boost your sales. However, if you create a USP for your product that will give real value to your clients, you will win their loyalty, along with their hearts.

It is also important to include a crisp, and clear ‘Call-to-action. If you are networking, leave your business card with a link to schedule a call. If you are distributing brand pamphlets, include a reason and call to action to visit your website. This is one of the most effective yet overlooked aspects in every business.

Want to boost your sales? There are more to the strategies that we have mentioned above. And, they are incredibly powerful & beneficial for every business. Watch them here:

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