5 Important Areas to Clean Up if You Need Your Bond Back

by James Spencer Blogger
There are several tenants who state that the home owners start acting difficult when it is time for them to leave the house. They do not help out with the bond back and harass tenants.

Well, what they fail to realise is that when they first moved in, the house was clean and shiny just so that they didn’t have to take the trouble of cleaning it up. If that was the case, why can’t they leave behind a house that is squeaky clean too? Why will the homeowner spend money for a mess that the tenant created while also taking back the bond money?

This is a valid point put forward and that there are no grounds for such tenants to complain. Experts for bond cleaning in South Brisbane suggest that to be a good and responsible tenant and giving back a clean house before you leave, here are a few areas to target and clean up.

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Perfectly Clean Toilets and Bathroom

Anyone coming into the house may want to use the toilet or the bathroom first. Dirty and slimy grout and tiles along with a mess all around don’t give about a good impression. Therefore, it is one of the first areas to target and clean. Use a good toilet and bathroom cleaner and a brush to get rid of anything disgusting in the bathroom. Keep it clean and sanitised for the next person to use it effortlessly.

Clean Appliances

If you were provided appliances as that of a refrigerator or a washing machine by the tenant, consider cleaning it up well. Not just from the outsides but the insides too. Leaving behind leftovers in the fridge or food particles would result in the growth of mould and mildew, which will not be a pleasing sight for the next tenant. Therefore, clean up the insides first and then give the outsides a quick rub can help you play your part well.

Clean Up Carpets and Mattresses if Any

If you are leaving behind carpets and there are existing mattresses in the house, give it a good clean with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Being a storehouse of dust, dirt and other contaminants, it may lead to indoor air pollution as well as allergies to those who would be living here after you. For those providing assistance with end of lease cleaning in Windsor suggest that cleaning the carpets and the mattresses will allow them to have a comfortable stay.

Target Cupboards and Cabinets

These are the places where the next tenants would store belongings. When it takes time for them to clean it after moving it, things get delayed, and they lose interest in the house since the first day onwards. Therefore, clean them up well and get rid of anything unwanted, Clean the corners and remove cobwebs if any and that is how you get to allow them settle down well.

Clean Sinks and Basins

While these are the places that come in contact with a lot of water, it is known to be contaminated by bacteria more than anywhere else. When you clean up these areas, you tend to make things easy for the next family coming in. Access to water from the sink or the basic gets easy.

All of these are tasks that also impress the homeowner while making them give the bond back in no time.

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