5 Common business problems Odoo ERP can solve

by Alex Forsyth Developer

An integrated ERP like Odoo has become one of the must-haves of every business today, regardless of the size and industry type. And here are the most common business problems the ERP can solve, as shared by an expert Odoo consultant in Australia


Is it taking too long to reconcile your financial tasks or accounting? Are your sales forecasts established more on just guesswork than accurate figures? Are you facing difficulty in maintaining your huge volumes of orders and providing real-time customer support? Don’t know how much inventory is there in your warehouse? If your answer is a ‘yes’ to all these questions then it’s time to consider and adopt an all-in-one integrated ERP like Odoo for your business. Odoo can come to your rescue and can solve some of the very common problems you often face while managing your business and its operations. 


Here are the 5 common problems Odoo can solve, shared by an experienced Odoo consultant in Australia


Are you still wondering whether you need an ERP or not? The right ERP software can be a one-in-all solution to all business management problems. And to illustrate the different problems the software can solve, you need to take a look at these points shared below. 


Your business processes are not efficient and there’s a lack of proper communication:

Is your business suffering from poor collaboration and communication between different departments and employees? When employees of different departments fail to transfer information or data effectively and in real-time, it can result in loss of orders, consumers or customers not being able to receive callbacks, reduced sales, and many such negative outcomes. Odoo ERP comes to the rescue here and helps to avoid such issues. The software unites all departments by storing all data in one single location that can be accessed by all. Easy and quick access to the centrally stored data enables employees to quickly pass the required information resulting in exceeding collaboration between them. This also ensures efficient and smooth business processes. 


Most of your business processes are time-consuming and involve manual entries:

As your business expands, there’s no doubt the volumes of sales and orders will increase, the customer base will increase, and your employees will become busier than before. Handling processes and data entries manually can become error-prone and the tasks may become time-consuming. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software can automate these tasks, reducing the chances of making errors, eliminating manual entries, and making things faster, resulting in increased productivity as well. 


Standalone, disparate software systems are making your business processes unnecessarily more complex:

When your business’s sales reps are making use of one single software package, your warehousing team another software, your accounting team again another software, and likewise all other processes are using a different software system, the processes become unnecessarily more complicated to manage. Moreover, business owners have to spend separately for each software. However, with Odoo software, all data gets stored into a single database and this database can be accessed by everyone. Also, Odoo is a complete suite of business applications that have a module or application for managing every business function efficiently. This makes the software a cost-effective option as well. 


You are unable to provide real-time customer support:

If you do not have the access to customer data or any required information, responding to the customers and giving them quick support may not be possible. Odoo has a separate CRM or Customer Relationship Management module for managing the customers, their details and providing instant support to them. With all data including the customer details centrally stored, providing real-time support to the customers and get back to them quickly with the answers to their queries also becomes easier with all information easily in front. 


You are not able to get an accurate answer to some of the major questions, that is again preventing you from quick and better decision making: 

If you are not able to access accurate data when required, it may be difficult for you to make the right decisions. Here comes the role of an ERP like Odoo. With all sales figures, cost information, customer details, etc., stored in one place, accessing the same becomes easier, which enables quick decision-making. 


Well, these are just some of the most common issues Odoo can solve apart from a pool of benefits it can offer your business to let you enjoy a streamlined workflow with automated and efficiently managed processes right from inventory management to warehouse, invoices, supply chain, sales and orders, marketing, human resources, and more. Odoo ensures effective operations, reduced errors, seamless workflow, and increased productivity. 


Alex Forsyth is an experienced and highly skilled Odoo consultant in Australia associated with a reliable ERP consultancy and implementation partner, Envertis Software Solutions. The author has written this article to let you know the worth of Odoo and the most common problems it can easily solve for efficient business management. 

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