5 Best Tips to use your water heater Correctly

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Tips to use your water heater Correctly

Water heaters are one of the most attractive things during winter season. They literally save you from so much work and hassle. A hot water bath I just perfect treat after a long day in winters. But this pleasure can cost you an arm and a leg. Using a water heater can be a costly affair. Therefore research work is really important to get the best in water heater in India. Some important points must be kept in mind so as to save some money and use the water heater to its full potential. This article will take you through some key tips to remember while using a water heater.

1.     Switch off the water heater-   It is a very important aspect which can save you a lot of money. People have a tendency of keeping the main power on even when the water heater is not in use. This leads to continuous heating and cooling of water and thus increasing the electricity bill. People think that once the water heater has stopped heating because of the thermostat, it will not use any energy which is wrong. It will start to heat again when the water cools down and the heat escapes through the body of the geyser.

2.     Check the temperature of the thermostat-  Most of the water heaters available in the market today have a preinstalled thermostat. A thermostat is a device which helps in cutting off the power supply once the water reaches a certain level.  It is either inside the body of the water heater and is not visible or it is outside the body and is visible. The one that are inside the body cannot be used to change the temperature whereas the one outside the body can be really helpful in changing the temperature to your comfort and advantage.  Usually the temperature of the thermostat is predetermined at 60 degrees. When water is heated to this temperature, it automatically cuts off the power supply. 60 degrees can heat water to that level that one will have to add more water to reduce its temperature. So it is better to reduce the temperature of the thermostat.

3.     Difference between temperature of thermostat and temperature of water- The difference between temperature of thermostat and water is a very important factor that determines your bill. If the difference is more, then it will cost you more as it will require more energy to heat. Therefore, if the water temperature is more, then it is advisable to reduce the temperature of the thermostat. 40-45 degrees is an acceptable range and the best water heater works well with this range. It will solve your purpose. If you have a water heater which has its thermostat outside the body, it is advisable to change the temperature.

4.     The right sized geyser- You must always choose a water heater which suits your requirement. If you live alone then even an instant geyser would do your job. There is no need buy a big water heater in that case. If you will buy a bigger water heater, then it will take more time to heat and thus increasing the electricity bill. Moreover, the heated water will also not be used to its full capacity. Therefore, choosing the right sized geyser becomes essential.

5.     Stars given to the water heater- A five star rated water heater is considered the best in terms of saving energy. If a geyser has 5 stars, you can go for it. It will be the perfect choice for your pocket.

These were some tips that will help you save your pocket from huge electricity bills. It will also help you understand your geyser in a better way.

I hope this article was useful and helped you reduce your electricity consumption.

Thank you.

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