3 Water Heater Safety Tips You Should Know

by Micheal M. I'm a professional Writer

Water heaters are an essential component of your household plumbing, but without the right precautionary measures can soon become a safety hazard. They cause fires, personal injuries, and in some rare cases – minor explosions.

Here are three water heater safety tips you should know to prevent the heat from water heaters, turning into havoc.

Testing Pressure Relief Valves Annually

Pressure relief valves help relieve excessive heat pressure safely from the water heater. These valves keep the water heater from exploding in case the temperature rises above the safe limit. They are designed to open at a preset pressure and discharge fluids until the pressure drops to safe levels.

However, it's best if you check these walls once a year by pulling up the handle. If the water flows freely once the handle is pulled up and stops flowing once the handle is dropped again, your pressure valve is working just fine. In any other case, call an expert and get it changed.

No Flammables Near Water Heaters

Gas-powered water heaters work flawlessly but can be a fire hazard at times. Make sure to maintain a safety zone around them and remove all combustible products from there. Avoid storing objects like coats, jump ropes, garbage, and fuel canisters in this safety zone. Even a small crack in the water heater or a leak could cause any of these items to catch fire.

Use Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Improper ventilation can lead to carbon monoxide leakages near the water heater. A carbon monoxide detector is a must-have item with a gas-powered water heater. Around 170 people in the United States die from carbon monoxide poisoning every year, along with 10,000 others who are sent to hospitals. Regular checks by a professional are mandatory to ensure your water heater is functioning properly and not putting you at risk. Ask a professional for more maintenance tips and keep an eye out for any warning signs that indicate a potential cause of concern.

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