5 Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery

by Saalim Birch Digital Content Writer
A hair transplant surgery, which may also be called a hair restoration or hair implant, is a surgical approach to improving hair count.  In hair transplantation, hair follicles are moved from one plush area of the scalp to a bare area, where there is thinning to no hair.  Hair transplantation is suitable for both genders.  Furthermore, hair transplantation is an excellent remedy for hair loss, male pattern baldness, and female hair scalp thinning.

First, a main benefit of hair transplant Kirkland is that the remedy is permanent.  With lotions and topical treatments, it becomes a lifetime commitment and cost to maintain that solution.  For hair transportation, this solution lasts a lifetime.  Hair transplantation has this power since it is the person’s own hair planting the seeds, which means no rejection.  Furthermore, genetic factors leading to hair loss no longer come into play.

Second, another attractive benefit of hair transplant surgery in Kirkland is the results are natural looking since the patient’s own hair is used.  This is accomplished through a variety of techniques,  such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).  These two processes are optimized to extract individual hair strands from the scalp and then locating into areas of concern into a natural pattern where the hair is thinning or gone.  With this, both the full hairline can be restored as well as low hair density.

Third, another benefit of hair transplant surgery in Kirkland is very effective when other attempts at hair restoration have failed.  Topical remedies such as minoxidil and special shampoos are weaker solutions that produce results only if taken at the very first signs of hair loss.  For those who’ve experienced hair loss for some time, these topical solutions are no longer a feasible option.  Finally, these topical solutions have to be taken for life.  This means the cost adds up, while the benefits diminish as time goes on.

Forth, the motivating factors gaining the benefit of hair transplant surgery in Kirkland are increasing self-esteem and confidence.  While hair loss does not bother many people, that’s not the case for all.  Young men, and especially women, facing hair loss becomes a blow to their self-confidence and self-esteem.  A restored full head of hair is a significant improvement to the patient’s quality of both, on both an emotional and mental basis.

Fifth, the last significant benefit of hair transplant surgery in Kirkland is low risk.  This is a safe procedure with few complications.  Hair transportation can be performed under local anesthesia.  The patient is fully awake during the process, but will not feel the pain.  Hair transport surgeons, especially those who are plastic surgeons familiar with the science of esthetics, are highly skilled to produce the best success and client satisfaction.

If getting hair restoration, don’t go to run-of-the-mill operations.  It’s best to trust this update with a qualified plastic surgeon.  Plastic surgeons are highly trained and certified.  They have the esthetics knowledge to create natural-looking results.
Furthermore, should any complications arise during the procedures, plastic surgeons are qualified to address those issues.  Furthermore, plastic surgeons are medical doctors who can recognize and diagnose possible medical issues underlying the causes of hair loss.  Hair loss can be caused by many different medical issues, such as hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, and possible medicine interactions.  A plastic surgeon can evaluate the patient as a whole and identify the best path of treatment for possible underlying causes of hair loss.

Hair transplantation recovery is also a short period of time.  Most hair transplant patients can return to work and life activities within days of the process, such as driving or athletic sports.  If there is lingering pain, usually over-the-counter pain medication is sufficient.  Still, to be on the safe side, patients should avoid strenuous activity for a week or two after the transplants to give the follicles sufficient time to take root.

Many patients are drawn to hair transplant surgery because, over a lifetime, it’s very cost-effective.  Of course, the ultimate price tag depends upon how much hair is to be transplanted, as well as the technique used.  However, compared to other hair restoration methods, the cost is most advantageous.  Hair transplantation is a one-time cost producing a lifetime of results, compared to medications and topical treatments that need to be taken every day of life.

If you’re experiencing hair loss and are searching for the most effective remedy, then hair transplantation should be the main consideration.  Hair transplantation produces the most natural-looking hair restoration, provides the biggest boost to self-esteem and is a major confidence booster.  Hair transplantation is safe, the recovery time is little, and is cost-effective when amortized over life.

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