4 Simple Steps to More Beautiful Skin

by Kevin Smith Author

Having beautiful, flawless skin doesn’t have to just be a pipe dream. No matter how old you are and what the current condition of your skin is, you can have healthy skin that looks and feels great, possibly without expensive prescription creams and complicated processes. Here are some tips that you should incorporate into your daily life in between visits to your dermatologist in San Diego, CA.

Apply Skin Treatments During Downtime

If you have a spare minute where you’re watching TV or reading a book, consider doing a quick skin treatment. Talk to your dermatologist about serums, mask treatments, or acne treatments that you can do that would only take a few minutes. Achieving beautiful skin can be easy when you’re using your downtime anyway to do simple things that make a big difference.

Learn to Do Facial Massage

You probably are making faces during the night without even realizing it. These grimaces and frowns and scrunches can actually lead to frown lines and crow’s feet. Make sure you have clean hands before you do this, as the transfer of oils, dirt, and germs from your hands to your face can be more damaging.

Moisturize Your Skin

Although you might have been told that drinking water is enough to keep your skin moisturized, it’s simply not true. While drinking water is important and does have an impact on the hydration of your face, you also need to be moisturizing your face from the outside. Applying a moisturizer daily and using hydrating mists are two things that can help with hydration.

Cool Down Your Shower

Using hot water when you’re washing your face or taking a shower can significantly dehydrate your skin. If you’ve been washing your face in the shower with warm or hot water, nix that idea and start washing your face in the sink using tepid water and a gentle cleanser. Most commercial products that contain alcohol are going to be too rough on your skin, even if you have issues with acne or rough skin.

Your skin can be tricky. It’s often hard to know what products to use, what products not to use, and how to best take care of it. A qualified dermatologist in San Diego, CA, can help provide some guidance in how to care for your skin. In the meantime, however, be sure you’re doing these quick and simple tricks that can preserve the life and vibrancy of your skin.

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