4 Reasons Why You Should Use GPS Tracking Device to Monitor Heavy Equipment

by Concox Garin Marketing Manager

Today, many companies use GPS Trackers to monitor their construction & heavy equipment. GPS monitoring is one of those technologies that makes many businesses easier and more efficient. During recent years, many technological advances have been made in a variety of industries. The construction industry is no exception. The processes are modernized and at the same time the construction equipment and machinery become more technologically advanced, and the cost is high. Therefore, it is no surprise that many large and small construction companies are looking for new methods.

Construction siteConstruction site

Through these new methods, they can protect their investment and keep their projects moving according to the schedule. GPS Tracker is definitely a good choice for that GPS tracker can be used in vehicles and other equipment. Besides, GPS Tracking System enables the administrator to monitor the vehicle in real-time. And the data collected by the GPS Tracking System can also be used to analyze the function of the equipment.

Four great reasons to use GPS monitoring for construction machinery

There are four main reasons why many companies dedicated to this area should consider using GPS tracker & system to monitor construction machinery:

Increase Productivity

Cost-effective Maintenance 

Gain Asset Visibility at your fingertips

Low cost anti-theft method

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Any problem that arises in a construction project can end up losing money, and such losses are quick and dangerous. This is why company owners and project managers do everything they can to avoid risk. His effort is focused on keeping the worksite running as efficiently as possible. In addition, they seek to maintain their progress always according to the previously planned dates.

Cost-effective Maintenance

How can GPS tracker and system be helpful? They can give important information that shows when and how vehicles and equipment are used. They will also tell you the way in which they are being operated. Also, you will be able to know when there are mechanical problems that indicate what is required of maintenance. Many times, advanced maintenance is required to prevent the equipment from being ruined, which can result in a very high cost for any project.

Gain Asset Visibility at your fingertips

Concox Tracksolid Tracking SystemConcox Tracksolid Tracking System
The collection of data depends, however, on the type of equipment used. On the one hand, the data that can be collected is quite extensive and can be quite useful for any project administrator. It includes when and how much fuel is consumed. On the other hand, you can also know the temperature of the engine cooler and the hours in which the engine works.
The benefit of having all these data at your fingertips is quite obvious. This is one of the main reasons why the use of GPS trackers and system for construction&heavy equipment is on the rise.
Low cost anti-theft method
Concox Asset gps trackerConcox Asset gps tracker
The most important reason is that GPS Tracker and system allow you to prevent theft. Safety at construction sites received much concern. The equipment is left in place day after day, and most of the time, it is not under surveillance overnight, which makes construction machinery an easy target for thieves.
This happens even in a country like Canada. In the city of Ontario, 15 million to 20 million construction equipment are stolen every year. In the United States, this problem is even worse, According to the report, the cost of stolen equipment is more than 100 million.
What’s more, the well-being of your workers and the safety of the equipment at construction sites is key. The cost of problems is very obvious. Therefore, any company that is not using GPS tracker and tracking system for construction machinery is putting itself in a lot of monetary risks. Discover how to implement GPS tracker in construction machinery with the assistance of Concox experts.
To sum up, we cannot neglect an issue as delicate as investment and security aside. It will improve the productivity of your employees, trust and results will be what you expect.
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