4 Reasons Why CBD is a Great Pain Reliever

by Jeff M. Writer

Living with pain can make life a living hell for anyone. But the good news is, there are many pain relieving options such as Cannabidiol (CBD) oils that can offer relief from this pain.

To give you a brief overview, CBD is one of the 60 compounds called cannabionoids, that are found in  many plants. Each of these 60 compounds have been used in ancient medicine to relieve the symptoms of one or more conditions. Many times, these compounds are used in combination with one another to cure several chronic conditions.

Out of these, CBD is used to cure chronic pain. Here are some reasons why CBD is a great pain reliever.

Chronic pain reliever

Many studies show that CBD oils interacts with the receptors of our immunity system. These receptors are tiny proteins that get stimuli from the brain and help the cells to respond to that stimuli. CBD works with these receptors to create anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effects to improve pain management.

Many experiments have been conducted in rats. One such prominent study conducted in 2016 show the pain-relieving properties of CBD oils. Researchers applied CBD gel on rats for four days in a row and found that the inflammation was reduced in affected joints, and the rats were able to have greater mobility.

Another study conducted by the Journal Experimental Medicine also show that pain and inflammation can be reduced with the regular use of CBD oil.

All these studies go to show that CBD oil holds a lot of promise for arthritis pain. For these reasons, using the best CBD oils can give you significant relief from pain.

No psychoactive effect

Many cannabionoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) give a euphoric high. But CBD does not affect any of the endocannabionoids receptors, so it does not give such a euphoric feeling at all. Endocannabionoids are cannabinoids produced by the body and they have a role in regulating sleep, immunity and response to pain.

Components like THC affects these receptors thereby tricking the brain to produce pleasure chemicals like dopamine. However, CBD doesn't tamper with these receptors at all. Rather, it works with the body to encourage the better use of endocannabinoids.

No significant side-effects

A convenient aspect of using CBD oils is that there are no side-effects. Even if they occur in some rare cases, it is limited to nausea, irritability and sleeping issues.

Mainly, there are no withdrawal symptoms when you stop using CBD oils. There is also no chance of addictive behavior since CBD does not alter the receptors or hormones in the brain. In fact, it has nothing to do with the release of a chemical called serotonin that is known to create such addictive behavior.

Readily available

Unlike other non-traditional medicine, CBD oils are available readily. You can buy them from online stores that even deliver them home.

In short, CBD oils can be the magical cure for chronic pains like arthritis. Also, the fact that it has no side effects or addictive behavior make it suitable for everyone.

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