4 Reasons to Opt for Static Website Design Company

by Jean Walker Digital marketing and Development
The static website trend seems to have returned after all these years. The simple and uncomplicated functioning of these websites proves to be highly beneficial in the most unpredictable of ways. In this blog, we will take a look at why this style of website designing has become popular and in-demand all over again.


There are more than a few reasons for numerous businesses to have opted static website designing services Company. There used to be a time not long ago when nearly every organization had a tacky website with lots of dancing characters sprawled across the home page. While these gimmicks looked quite interesting at first, they seem to have all but disappeared with the passage of time. 

Why are Static Website Designing Services Popular Again?

Today, many small and large businesses are choosing static websites over their dynamic counterparts. Given below are some of the main reasons behind this -

Static Websites are Faster

Since a static website doesn’t have a database, it is much easier and quicker to load. In fact, it is believed that a static website can load up to ten times as fast in comparison with a website that has been created on a Content Management System or CMS. Aside from an absent database, however, there is another factor that contributes towards such lightning-fast loading speeds. A static website has the benefit of being loaded from the closest node to a browser.

A Static Website is Safer

A static website is unlikely to be dependent on CMS plugins or databases, which means there is a minimal threat of outside code to be inserted into your website in any way. This makes them a safer alternative to dynamic websites. Additionally, the dynamic aspects of a static website are generally supplemented through APIs or JavaScript, further protecting it.

You can Always Rely on it

The reliability of a static website, especially in situations where a dynamic website would fail, is what drives more businesses toward it. For instance, dynamic websites are connected to databases which are often the cause of recurring error messages for failed connection establishments, whereas static websites have simple HTML files that allow them to be connected too easily.

You can Scale it Up with Ease

This is another factor where static websites have the upper hand. Once your website is running and has gained a lot of traffic, it will be easier to scale up if it is static rather than dynamic. This is because static websites have a straightforward approach in this scenario, thanks to the basic HTML files that can be scaled up by if you raise the bandwidth. On the other hand, dynamic websites have complicated codes running simultaneously and take a lot more resources to scale up.


It is right to conclude that static websites have made a mighty successful comeback and are definitely here to stay this time. This is also due to the fact that there are multiple hosting platforms with a host of features that specifically support the separate functionality of this type of website.

Some hosting providers even provide additional advantages such as redirects from errors and password protection for example. This makes many business owners overlook the few disadvantages and embrace the many benefits that static website designing services Company offer. In the end, a website is the face of a business on the internet, which is why it is best to consider all the pros and cons of the available platforms and try to pick one that matches their requirements. 

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4 Reasons to Opt for Static Website Design Company

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