4 Harmful Impacts Of Biomedical Waste on Human Health and Environment

by Jatin Sharma Writer

There is no denying the fact that medical care is vital for us. But have you ever wondered about the long-term effects of the waste generated from medical activities? If not, this is the time to ponder upon this imperative question. According to a report by WHO, while 85% of the biomedical waste is non-hazardous, rest 15% can prove to be extremely hazardous for both human health and the environment.

 Below mentioned is the list of 4 harmful impacts of biomedical waste. Have a look:

1.       Improper disposal of the biomedical waste can be highly injurious to human health. It results into contamination of bacteria that can spread to a large chunk of the human population and cause infectious diseases. Moreover, it can also cause an epidemic.


2.       If the medical waste is just dumped into a landfill without proper waste treatment, there is a greater risk of water contamination which can again adversely affect the human population. This contamination is the result of harmful microbes seeping into the water supply.


3.       According to an estimation by WHO, approximately 16 billion injections are used in the healthcare sector every year all across the globe. But the problem remains the improper disposal of the syringes. The syringes which are left in open can cause sharp injuries. Moreover, if these needles and syringes are being reused, the risk of contracting life-threatening diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus increases considerably.


4.       If biomedical waste is burnt in an open area, it leads to the release of toxins in the air along with harmful chemical compounds like furans and other particulate matters.  The hazardous microorganisms are also emitted from the open burning of the biomedical waste. As a result, the environment is badly affected which, in turn, further deteriorates human health.


To tackle the problem of biomedical waste segregation and management, various laws and regulations are made. Hospital waste management is now considered as an integral part of hospital hygiene. Safer waste treatment options including autoclaving, microwaving, steam treatment etc. are also taken into account for proper waste disposal. Moreover, products like biomedical waste bags which can be easily purchased from the prominent online medical stores like Smart Medical Buyer, are serving their purpose greatly. Apart from this, raising awareness about the risks associated with biomedical waste is of primary importance in the present times.

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