4 Factors That Affect Diamond Value

by Adam Perry Content Editor

No matter if you’re a proposal-minded boyfriend or an investor looking to make a dollar, the diamond market offers plenty of opportunities. If you’re considering the purchase of a precious gemstone, it’s important to know as much as possible before you walk through a merchant’s doors. One stone might look exactly the same as another to the untrained eye, but there are plenty of subtle differences that could have an effect on the selling price. Here are a few things to consider when you go to buy diamonds in Atlanta or another metropolitan area.

Carat Weight

The biggest factor in diamond value is the size and weight of the piece, and this value is displayed in units called carats, which shouldn’t be confused with karats in the gold market. One carat is the equivalent of 200 milligrams, and heavier stones will generally fetch a higher price in a retail or wholesale setting.


When you buy diamonds in Atlanta, you’ll often hear jewelers talking about color, but what does this term mean? When a jeweler mentions the coloration of a gemstone, he or she is actually talking about the lack of color, as the most desirable pieces receive a “colorless” grade. Other diamond grades range from nearly colorless to light yellow, and each subsequent level of pigmentation drives the price down.


You expect a diamond to sparkle when you hold it up to the light, and this effect is created by the facets cut into the stone’s surface. Artisans spend a lifetime honing the skill it takes to produce a dazzling display, and that effort is reflected in the diamond’s value. Once you’ve seen a well-cut gemstone, a lower-quality piece will look lifeless and flat.


Diamonds develop through the application of intense pressure over the course of thousands of years, and it’s easy for imperfections to pop up during formation. Cracks, clouds, dark spots, and bubbles are all possibilities in a gemstone, and the most valuable pieces won’t display any of these blemishes. Even something undetectable by the naked eye could have a major impact on price.

Shop Smarter

Now you know more about the factors in play when you buy diamonds in Atlanta, you’ll be armed with the information necessary to get the best possible deal. If you’re buying an engagement ring on a budget, you’ll still be able to get a brilliant piece by picking a gemstone with microscopic clarity issues that would go unseen without magnification. If you still need help with any of these terms, any jeweler will gladly provide an explanation.  

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