3 Mind Games All Narcissistic Men Perform In Relationships

by Mick M. Digital marketing expert

3 Mind Games All Narcissistic Men Perform In Relationships

A narcissist is generally quite charming and rather smart. They understand how to push your buttons in a manner to 'entrap' you inside their world, so you do what they need.

Game no 1

Mr Highly Inflated Sense of Self-Importance

Here's a situation: Woman inquires the man if he'd love to have a much-needed holiday with her. Man replies, "Have you got any idea what could happen if I will leave my job currently?"

Narcissists believe the entire world will fall apart without them,  or they would like you to trust this.

Ordinarily, when they speak, there'll be a great deal of name dropping, no matter what they're buying, where they moved, what they did, with whom, or how much money they spent.

The whole conversation is generally one-sided and about them and their achievements. They have a tendency to come off as arrogant and pretentious. If a wait-person does not seat them straight away, they become impatient and might even get downright angry, even when the location is super active!

The narcissist could be thinking, "Do not they realize that I am!"

Game no 2

 Mr Little to No Pity for You or Anyone Else

Here's a situation: Woman informs man about a college friend who's having difficulty with cancer identification. What exactly did he expect?

Here we have zero compassion, yet what makes it worse is that the belittling of this individual when they're down. It is a huge warning sign you have a narcissist.

Belittling others gets the narcissist to feel much better about themselves. However, deep down, they have a sense of inferiority, although they act superior to those around them.

Game no 3

Mr Fragile Self-Esteem

It is the scenario: Woman (who's a trainer) lovingly indicates a better approach to do sit-ups, because she understands the man needs a toned body and understands he's performing sit-ups in a way which won't deem him the results he desires.

The man replies, "Exactly what are you referring to? I really do them perfectly and moreover, and i do not even have to be doing them whatever. I seem perfect for a man of my age. Look at you; you can stand to reduce some weight yourself!"

Again, here we have somebody who, instead of reacting in a means that would reveal interest and show appreciation for the help, the narcissist reacts in a serious, judgmental and demeaning manner. That is classic narcissist behavior.

Although, you get to know about the narcissist and now you can differentiate between both of them. However, for more details, you can visit us

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