3 Elements Of The Best Website Design

by Efficient India Web Development Company in Delhi

Businesses that have identified the power of the internet to do cost-effective marketing is making a big deal in creating their very own website. This step of bringing business online has been very successful in terms of sales and traffic generated because of millions of people surf the internet every day. However, not every company that brings their business online land on the first three pages of search engine results and thereby not generating the ideal amount of traffic to its site. This is due to the fact that making a website is simply not just availing to web hosting services but also assuring that it has the best website design in order for search engines and visitors to appreciate its content.

There are three elements of having a good website design which companies wanting to bring their business online must take note of it. The three elements are usability, Search Engine Optimization, and aesthetics. These three elements must go hand in hand in order to create a website that will catch the attention of its visitors.

For starters, a website’s usability is probably the most important element of the three, although each one of them has its own importance to the whole. A website’s usability includes having simple user navigation of the entire site. Simple website navigation is very important in order not to confuse the site’s visitors. Getting information regarding a particular product or service is the main reason why visitors are directed to the site, thus, making sure that this information is readily and easily accessible is a must. Another factor in a website’s usability is the use of images and descriptions. It is very important especially for sites geared at selling products to have images of the products they are selling. Equally worthy is the description attached to the products since most internet surfers are, as mentioned, in for the information they can get from a particular site.

Search engine optimization is another vital element in achieving the best website design. Basically, search engine optimization is directed at having a particular website to be listed in the first few results of a search engine’s display results page. By being on the first page of the display results, more traffic can be generated to the site since web surfers are more likely to click on the first link that they see. Search engine optimization can be done by using relevant keywords in page titles, headings, and body that are usually entered by prospective visitors of the website. Another way of doing search engine optimization aside from generating keywords is by building links from other websites such as article directories.

For the aesthetic part of the best Website Design, it is recommended not to dump all the information on one page. This can be very stressful for the site’s visitors especially if the task entails reading a very long article. Page hierarchy is one thing that has to be developed, complete with a good design of subheadings, titles, font size, and font style, to give users a better understanding and view of the entire site’s content. A website’s background should also be kept simple and in contrast to the body’s text. Readability is achieved by having a simple background, properly placed images and graphics, and a good-sized text.

These three elements should be kept in mind when thinking of launching a website because it is very much helpful in having the best web design, which can bring an increased amount of traffic that is proportionally related to the number of sales.

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