3 Awesome Inventions

by Csaba Juhasz Business Development Specialist

3 Awesome Inventions, Novelty Worldwide


The purpose of the equipment is to eliminate the environmental damage caused by oil spills.

The most unmanageable problem in these accidents is hydrocarbon contamination on the water surface. According to our procedure, the contaminated water is pumped from the sea surface localized with submersible walls and transferred to a mixing chamber in the module where under controlled conditions the most effective mixing with the sorbent can be ensured.

The conditions for optimal mixing are: continuous measurement of the amount, pressure and temperature of the fluids. The binder material is foamed under high pressure and enters the special mixing space through an injector, A specific temperature is required to achieve a foamy state, provided by the 2 machine’s 300 litre heated mixing unit. Thus, the active surface is multiplied several times, and the amount of material required is reduced by nearly half.

According to our measurements, the weight ratio of oil-water reagent is 70-30 + – 5%. The perfect mixture is then placed in a tank filled with water, which removes the solid hydrocarbon derivatives from the filter system continuously.  The remaining water does not contain any trace of oil and can be released back into the sea. The settled dirt can then be removed from the site, and using the right technology. separable after which complete oil and recoverable reagent any number of times.

The prototype has the capacity to purify 20 litres of oily water per minute. Building a unit of similar calibre for a larger number of units, including the complex and expensive control unit can be kept under 10 thousand euros. Fully enclosed technology guarantees exclusivity in the industry and makes it protected as a technological novelty.

Glycol Free Antifreeze GFA


How is it different from glycolic products?

–  Shipping is not subject to ADR
–  Used liquid to be replaced does not qualify as hazardous waste, does not require special treatment, it can practically be poured down the drain.
–  There is a theoretical possibility of a technical failure when the glycolic mixture gets into the drinking water network, which can cause serious poisoning. By using our product this danger is eliminated!
–  During manufacturing, there is no need for increased health protection measures, which would greatly increase costs
–  Current cost price can be kept well below EUR 1/litre.

One more considerable note: it is deemed a novelty worldwide, not applied anywhere.

There is another version for de-icing aircrafts before departure. In Canada, it was awarded a quality certificate.

The world’s leading airlines:
– Lufthansa
– British Airways
– Air France
– Qatar Airways
– Delta Air Lines
– etc … spend millions of dollars each year on de-icing their aircraft fleet. The product, while not polluting the environment, has significantly lower production and shipping costs than conventional antifreeze fluids containing harmful substances.


Fire-extinguishing and fire-fighting fluids for firefighting and fire prevention.


The invention with the fantasy name FIRE OFF 2000 (hereinafter Product) is suitable for fire extinguishing and firefighting.

The product is a flame retardant (fireproof liquid) that can be used to form a fully coherent barrier layer on the surface of objects to be protected, effectively preventing flame formation or spread.

In addition, the product is stable to be stored, while preserving its features and it is non-toxic. It is an environmentally friendly material which, after use, is naturally biodegradable over time.

Product Features:

The product is a non-toxic, non-flammable substance with a stable structure that will naturally degrade after use. It consists mainly of materials belonging to the family of silicates. Due to the stability of the product it does not require special handling and remains usable with normal storage in tanks for years. The mechanism of action of the Product is as follows: The applied Product forms a film-like coating upon drying or heat and quickly sets which prevents the treated material from contacting with oxygen, thus preventing its ignition or more burn.

The manufacturing of the Product requires minimal technical skill and low-resource technology, which essentially consists of adding and mixing the components of the Product. The production capacity can be installed almost anywhere where the small amount of energy required for production (mixing) can be provided.

The production price of the product is EUR 0.5/litre

Storage and shipping of the Product does not require any extra expense and special technical solutions beyond the usual costs.

Biological impact:

The Product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic.


The Product is sufficient to handle 1sqm per litre. The Product may be diluted with water depending on use.

At the time of application, the Product has immediate effect.

Production and application:

The materials on which this Product is based are commercially available in virtually any location in the world.

The manufacturing of the Product does not require any special preparation from the proper mixing of the components (and unit packing if necessary).

The finished Product does not require any special storage requirements and can be used for years under normal storage conditions.

Shipping of the Product can be carried out in the usual way in a tanker, eg in a fire engine.


The product is applied by spraying or pulverisation of the product on exposed or flammable objects or plants.

In the event of a forest fire, taking into account the environment and the wind speed at a distance of at least 50 meters from the burning forest, a thorough spraying of a 5-20 m strip is usually sufficient to contain the fire. Product spraying by placing tanks and manual spraying, and may be accomplished by aerial pulverisation technology.


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